iPhone 7, the Latest Addition From The House Of Apple To Launch on 7th September

iPhone 7, the Latest Addition From The House Of Apple To Launch on 7th September

iPhone 7, the Latest Addition From The House Of Apple To Launch on 7th September

by August 31, 2016

iPhone 7 to launch on 7th September

Lo and behold! Apple-crazy fans will soon be flocking Apple stores worldwide to get their hands on the latest Apple handset, predictably named the iPhone 7. Apple recently sent out invitations for an upcoming event to be held on September 7th in San Francisco and most of us hope, and some know for a fact, that Apple Phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be announced on the said date. First of all, the date- 7th September, see? If that is not a dead giveaway for the launch of the similarly seventh iteration of Apple’s revolutionary device, then we don’t know what is. Also, all Apple iPhones have always been announced in the month of September. So we’re surely expecting the event on the 7th of September to be all about the iPhone 7.

What can be expected?

Iphone 7 release date 7th sepetember

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Cometh the new iPhone and cometh with it rumours, allegations, leaked pictures and what-not. We have heard a lot, and we’ve sifted through and selected a few predictions which may have some truth hidden in them regarding the features of the iPhone 7. First and foremost, the design.


Iphone 7 no headphone jack speakers

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No surprises there, since the iPhone, ever since its initial launch, has undergone just three major design changes. And we don’t expect the new device to be much different from the iPhone 6S. There may be two variants, like the 6S and 6S Plus. Rumour has it that the antenna lines have been modified, and there will be less of those on the new phones. Also, there might be newer colour options and a darker ‘Space Grey’ variant.


Iphone 7 feature

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Rumour has it that the new iPhone will have a screen with a much higher resolution. It will either be 4K or QHD. Also rumoured is the presence of an edge to edge or a curved display. The display will obviously have the Force Touch feature introduced in the iPhone 6S.


Iphone 7 camera dual camera rear

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The iPhone 7 is bound to have a 12 MP or greater resolution camera with OIS. Some say the phone might come equipped with a dual camera system. Also, after the general dislike of the iPhone 6 camera bump, Apple has reportedly made design changes to eradicate or minimise the bump.

Other features:

Iphone7 iOS 10 apple 10

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The new phone will reportedly be equipped with an all new powerful hexa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM. The new beast will run on iOS 10 and may have a 256 GB variant.

Iphone 7 headphone jack removed additional speakers

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One of the most off-putting rumours for the new iPhone is that it will be missing the 3.5 mm audio jack that we are so used to. Instead, it may be equipped with wireless headphones or a combined lighting and audio port. If true, it is a brave decision which may cost Apple some of their fans. Whatever the case, Apple may have had a reliable alternative to the audio jack for them to take such a drastic step. Another rumoured feature is the presence of a Force Touch enabled home button that also houses the fingerprint sensor.

So there we have it, the new iPhone is just around the corner, and we wait, with bated breath, for the 7th of September. To know more about Iphone 7 Specifications visit Gadgets.ndtv.com

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