iPhone 7 is expected to be the most sophisticated smartphone to come in 2016

iPhone 7 is expected to be the most sophisticated smartphone to come in 2016

iPhone 7 is expected to be the most sophisticated smartphone to come in 2016

by October 26, 2015

Even before we could take a bite out of the newly launched Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, there are rumours adrift about the Apple Phone 7 which is expected to be launched in September of the coming year. The new iPhones have been a tad disappointing for hardcore Apple fans for its lack of any new, groundbreaking features but the latest rumours about the iPhone 7 might get them into the groove of the iOS world again. Read on to find out what you can expect from the iPhone 7…

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One of the biggest and most radical changes that the iPhone 7 is likely to sport or rather NOT sport, is its iconic Home key. Although the rumours regarding the removal of the Home key have been in the making since before the launch of the iPhone 6, the change is likely to be incorporated in the coming iPhone 7. With innovation taking over every aspect of design, Apple will do well by eliminating the tangible Home key. However, one thing that the designers will have to account for is the 3D Touch ID feature; with no Home button, the 3D TouchID will need to be incorporated into any of the other buttons like the Power key. After all, you will still need that extra bit of security for your iPhone 7, wouldn’t you?

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So what will the new Apple iPhone do with all that space it will save by removing the Home button? Well, that’s precisely one of the reasons why the Home key will bid goodbye to its users: the extra space. With the other brands like Samsung, Sony, HTC coming out with bigger and bigger Smartphones, popularly known as “phablets”, it is about time that Apple acknowledges this growing segment of consumers who believe in the motto of the-bigger-the-better. The extra space created by the removal of the Home key will add to the screen space and hopefully lead to an all new range of the iPhone, a move that will definitely be well received by iPhone lovers.

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Another rumoured change in the iPhone 7 is that of an improved battery life. It’s no secret that iPhone users have long cribbed about the low battery life of the otherwise premium product. Internet reports suggest that the company will make use of more efficient processors and software to bring in a better battery life for the new range of iPhones.

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Ask any iPhone user for their top 3 reasons for loving the iPhone and you will surely get “aesthetics” as one of them. The uber cool and thin iPhone is already one of the thinnest smartphones in the market but the makers wish to make it even thinner…maybe it wishes to set a new “size zero” standard for the gadget world!

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Continuing with the aesthetics of the iPhone 7, the phone is expected to sport the very, very premium Sapphire glass display. Used in the Apple Watches so far, the highly durable and classy material was expected to be used in the iPhone 6 launched last year. If this plays out, then there will surely be no stopping the Apple iPhone from claiming the crown of the ‘Most Sophisticated Smartphone of the Year’!

Now that we have got the excitement running, all that is left to do is wait for September 2016 to see if these new range of Apples delight the users or not!

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