iPhone 5c – Affordable Yet Classy

iPhone 5c – Affordable Yet Classy

iPhone 5c – Affordable Yet Classy

by September 27, 2013

The all new Apple iPhone 5c is here and it has definitely exceeded the expectations big time! This is one of the best Smartphones available today as it is not just classy but really affordable too. However, this phone isn’t really cheap when it comes to style and design. This phone certainly marks a brand new era in Apple’s cell phone segment.

iPhone 5cFirst things first, this phone isn’t really a low-priced competition to the Android phones available in the market. The price range starts from $549, which is by no means cheap. The iPhone 5c is extremely affordable as compared to its metal-clad brother 5S. This phone comes with a polycarbonate exterior which is available in several colors such as blue, white, pink, yellow and green.

A pleasant back side:
The iPhone 5c looks sexy from the back with a curvaceous and shiny plastic shell. Well, it looks innovative and is definitely attractive. The colorful shell and thin body adds a lot to the design of this phone. This is a handsome gadget which can look even more stylish with a brand new case for its back.

Size and build:
This phone stands tall when it comes to its design and style. With the iOS 7, this phone has become an even more sought after gadget in the market. It is not really light and doesn’t really come with a cheap plastic. It has a glossy finish which is top quality. This is a premium product that definitely has a traditional iPhone like feel to it.

An A6 chip powers the iPhone 5c. This phone is really quick and comes with an iOS update. The multitasking feature is fast and one can easily play high graphic games without any difficulty. The experience of watching HD videos on this phone is simply out of this world. The connectivity features here are also very impressive.

The rear camera on this phone is an exact copy of those found in an iPhone 5 but equipped with a new camera app which helps it to perform better. The 8 MP camera is really good for this phone, as it gives some really decent shots along with great video capture.

Apple iPhone 5c scores really high performance wise. It is speedy and moves like fluid. The speakers are positioned at the phone’s bottom and the sound quality is too good. Skype calls are crystal clear on this phone.

What’s good?
The best thing about the phone is that it is available for $99 on a contract basis. This is a lightweight phone that comes with a great battery life. These are some of the best features that might attract a lot of attention.

So, one thing is for sure that Apple iPhone 5c is going to rock! Anyone who is looking for affordable and mobile deals can visit Compareraja and take advantage of the ready to use discount coupons available there.

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