Instagram’s New Design To Focus On User Profile, Not Follower Count

Instagram’s New Design To Focus On User Profile, Not Follower Count

Instagram’s New Design To Focus On User Profile, Not Follower Count

by November 25, 2018

An Instagram update that is still under test has revealed that the social networking site and app will now lay more focus on users and their profiles as against follower count.

As per the latest Instagram Press blog post, the company has conveyed that it was trying to redesign the profile page for users. The new design would include re-arranging profile details including changed icons, buttons and the way users would move from one tab to another. The rationale is that the profiles should be a lot cleaner and easy to navigate. The photo grid, however, would remain the same.

With these changes, Instagram expects to help users to connect seamlessly with their followers. As per a screenshot shared on the blog page, the new design will come with a 3×2 deck of buttons with Follow, Message, Call, Email, Direction, and Start Order. The last element might be an idea to bolster Instagram business account.

Just above the photo grid, users can view tabs for Grid, Posts, IGTV, Tagged and so on. Instagram business profiles will have a few more elements. Its video feature IGTV will get a prominent position on top of the grid.

“We’ve been working on these changes and will test them in phases and different combinations with our community over the next several weeks. We’ll continue to experiment and update the experience as we learn from your feedback,” said Instagram in its post.

The emphasis on follower count has been minimized and it will no longer appear on the top besides profile picture of the user. This is line with the overall industry sentiment which is about focusing on the engagement on the platform as an important metric as against number of followers. Another interesting feature is that users would now be able to see mutual followers if they tap on the “Following” tab.

As per news reports, Instagram will also crack down on accounts that generate fake and inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts using third-party apps. The company has said that it has built Machine Learning (ML) tool to help spot accounts that use automated apps to generate fake likes and followers.