IFB VS Morphy-Richards VS Kenstar: Which microwave is best for you?

IFB VS Morphy-Richards VS Kenstar: Which microwave is best for you?

IFB VS Morphy-Richards VS Kenstar: Which microwave is best for you?

by December 8, 2017

When buying a microwave, you might get confused with the vast number of options and features out there.

To help you make this decision we have analysed three of the top microwave brands for you!

IFB, Morphy Richards and Kenstar are three of the most highly reviewed brands online. They’ve consistently ranked on Amazon’s bestseller lists and their ratings have always been very high.

When you are deciding between these three models, there are – broadly speaking – two main points that you have to consider.

  1. How good is the service offered by each brand?
  2. What features does each brand offer?


If you are not living in a big city like Bangalore or Mumbai, then this section might be especially important for you.Most brands when you buy a microwave will send their brand rep to install the microwave and demonstrate its features for you.

Ideally, you would want to buy from a brand who:

  • Has a knowledgeable service person
  • Has cheap spare parts
  • Takes less time to solve your problem
  • Is available quickly

To illustrate here’s a scenario:

Let’s say your microwave broke down, not only are you missing your piping hot morning coffee but you also might be stuck with some cold chicken or cold paneer curry for lunch. This might work for a day or two, but you can’t deal with this for 10 days or more!

This must be solved immediately.

According to Hometop, these three brands in question solve your problem in one of two ways.

IFB solves this, by sending a company employed person to solve this issue. They do not hire any third parties or tie up with local partners. Since IFB can only pay a limited amount in salary to their employees, they can hire only a limited amount of people.Therefore cannot cover and service a large part of India.

This means you won’t get your hot coffee for ten days or more.

Whereas, Morphy-Richards and Kenstar, are far more efficient.They tie up with local partners to do the service and so they only have to pay their partners once a service is accomplished. This means they can tie up with a lot of people and cover a wider range of India.

This means that your microwave will be up and running in no time.

This is the reason you have a whole bunch of horrible reviews for IFB’s service and you hear only good things about the other companies’ service.

If this is not reason enough, we have found that IFB has consistently more expensive spare parts when compared to the other two brands.

So before you put some of your money down on an expensive microwave make sure you do your homework on which service centre and brand works for you.


new table (Microwave) (1)

As you can see from above IFB seems to be the most feature loaded. But keep in mind that a lot of this you might not use. For example, the steam clean is a pretty useless feature. What it basically does is, it heats up a bowl of water and generates steam that condenses as droplets on the microwave’s wall. You would then wipe done the walls of your microwave.

This exact same thing can be achieved without a separate steam clean button. All of you have to do is, keep a bowl of water, select a really high temperature level and set it until the water evaporates. You know what, you can do even better. Squeeze some lime into the water. There you go. Now, you have the steam clean pro version :).

The same goes for the ‘Keep warm’ feature. All it does is heat the food at a particular temperature level for a period of upto 90 minutes. A much simpler method would be to just heat the food normally.

You might argue now that all buttons in a microwave are useless, as they are all some sort of combination of time, temperature and weight.

There are some useful features, though.

For example the auto cook feature can be really helpful for newbies or if you aremaking a dish for the first time. It can really help get you started. Morhpy-Richards does a great job at this with around a 100 options to choose from! The downside though is that their panel is kind of hard to interact with. Whereas, the IFB’s panel is very, very intuitive to use, but has only 10 options.

The combi-tec is another great feature that alternates between the microwave and grill function which helps to perform multi-stage cooking on vegetable, chicken and mutton. This can be convenient and save you multiple trips to the kitchen.

Another version of it allows you to alternate between microwaving and convection which helps in baking pizzas and cakes. This too can be useful.

The deodorize feature is a super useful feature to have. It can be essential, if your family comprises of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian members. The deodorize feature sucks out all the smell and leaves the microwave odourless for the next session.  You definitely don’t want your paneer stinking of chicken, right?


IFB has a 1-year warranty on its microwave and 3-year warranty for its magnetron (the part that actually generates the microwaves). This is consistent across all their products.

Morphy Richards has a warranty of 2 years across all its products.  No other microwave brand offers full 2 years warranty for its products. They also offer free replacement of damaged parts, for 2 years. Keep in mind though that this does not cover damages to the microwave door.

Kenstar has a similar policy to IFB, when it comes to warranty.  They offer 1-year microwave warranty and 3 years Magnetron warranty.

In conclusion

We really like Morphy-Richards and are a fan of their products until IFB ups their service and installation game.

However, if you do have an IFB service centre really close to you house and are willing to nag an IFB service guy until he fixes your microwave, then an IFB product might make sense.

You can check out the prices for them here:Kenstar    |  Morphy-Richards  |   IFB