If I were president what would you change

by August 8, 2017

Adazia Bell is studying at Bowie State University, United Stated. Adazia has won the 2nd prize in the essay competition and wrote for the topic: If I were president what would you change?

If I were president what would I change? First, I would start by setting up programs or smaller with little or no income based housing for the poor. Nobody deserves to be without a home in my personal opinion, and I hate to see anyone struggling. Then, I would make sure that everyone who is in need of a job will have one. I would change the entire system around. Our government does not make sure that the poor are taken care of at all. There are shelters, but they cannot stay there forever. They need help getting jobs and supporting themselves just as well as anyone else. It’s a shame to see our homeless people walk around not being fed and begging for food when the government can just help them out. I would make sure that college can be affordable for everyone that wants to further their career. Classes, tuition and dorms would not even cost half of what it’s priced at right now if I were president. I would try to make peace with other countries that we dislike because violence is never the way to go. I would most likely make abortion illegal because no one ever thinks about how a life is taken away just because they either did not want the unborn child or just aren’t ready. I would suggest other options after the child is born if someone could not handle that responsibility. There are plenty of people out here that suffer from miscarriages, complications, contributing to them not being able to have kids. Those are the ones who would die t get that opportunity to have a child or adopt a child. People need to start realizing the positive sides of pregnancy if you do not wish to care for the child. There could be so many people happy with having a child that they didn’t conceive from their own body, but because it’s life that they now can take care of as their own. The fewer abortions, happier families that would enjoy having that child. My next thing on my list to do is release everyone from prison who is falsely convicted or any other unfairly convictions. I would then make sure that the cost to bury our loved ones would be lowered. Most families do not have the money to bury their loved ones when an unexpected death happens. It’s a shame overall that you have to pay to be put underground when you’re no longer here. I would then make sure that all low income families and families that do not make that much from working and also struggling the pay all of their bills and keep food on the table, get free food for their households. I know how hard it is to struggle to pay your bills when you depend on the government or your job isn’t paying you enough. That’s why I feel as though those families at least deserve to get free food for their families.