IBall Splendo- Your “stick” Computer

IBall Splendo- Your “stick” Computer

IBall Splendo- Your “stick” Computer

by June 24, 2015
Iball splendo

Image Source: clubic.com

If you thought laptops or tablets were the most compact forms of a computer, you might want to think again… For iBall and Microsoft have come up with a brilliant device that lets you turn any HDMI capable TV set into a computer! Called as the ‘iBall Splendo’, the device can be fitted into a pocket.

The little machine is powered by an Intel Atom Quad-core processor. It will run on the latest Windows 8.1. With 2 GB of RAM and the fast processor the user needn’t be in doubt about the Splendo’s processing multitasking capabilities. It also has 32 GB of in-built storage. There are doubts as to whether the Splendo will be able to run the soon-to-come Windows 10 O.S. Although Microsoft has stated that any device running Windows 8.1 can be upgraded to Windows 10, it has also stated that some 32 GB devices might not support Windows 10. So, in case you are set on using Windows 10, you might want to wait for iBall to make a statement regarding the issue.

Iball splendo pc on stick

Image Source: modernlifetimes.com

How exactly does the Splendo work? It’s simple… Attach your Splendo to the television’s male plug and voila! Your TV set is now a computer! Once your TV has turned ‘splendid’, it will have features such as HD graphics, multi-channel digital audio, USB port, micro USB port, Wi-Fi, and in-built Bluetooth. The stick also has an SDXC slot. The Splendo comes without a fan and has a year long warranty.

The Splendo can be used for less intensive tasks like checking emails, working on documents, browsing or surfing videos or pictures and play games on the huge screen.

Iball splendo pocket size

Image Source: thepockettech.com

The iBall Splendo will be made available in July. Anyone looking for a compact computer can check out IT and TV retail places for it. Announced on the official iBall website, the PC-on-stick will be priced at Rs. 8,999.

The factors that work in the favour of the Splendo includes its novelty, users have not been exposed to a concept like that of a computer on a stick before. Another factor is obviously its portability. The mid-range pricing is another important factor.

Apart from the potential utility offered by the Splendo, the fact that the device is an endeavour by two very innovative companies makes the Splendo a gadget to look out for. Microsoft is a market leader when it comes to computer technology. Partnering with the Mumbai- based iBall is an excellent decision as iBall has good experience with manufacturing various gadgets and devices like Smartphones, computer peripherals etc.

The portability and features offered by the Splendo makes it a great alternative to carrying around a heavy laptop or a tablet. Be it for work, school, college, or entertainment purposes, the Splendo is a choice worth considering. Go ahead, make a splendid choice! Buy the iBall Splendo in the coming month of July!