Hybrid Smartwatch Vs Smartwatch – What’s the Difference?

Hybrid Smartwatch Vs Smartwatch – What’s the Difference?

Hybrid Smartwatch Vs Smartwatch – What’s the Difference?

by March 24, 2017
Hybrid Smartwatch Vs Smartwatch – What’s the Difference?

A Hybrid Smartwatch or a Smartwatch – Or, do I even need a watch in the first place? Well, no doubt, your smartphone does tell you the correct time, but it is not replacing a watch anytime soon, at least not in the next couple of years. A watch is not just a fashion accessory anymore, but something precious that highlights your personality. Pretty deep, isn’t it? But, believe it or not, that’s the truth.

Alright! Time to get back to the most important question at hand; what’s it to be – a hybrid smartwatch or a smartwatch? Let’s start with the Hybrid first. A hybrid watch is also called by many as a smart analog watch. In terms of looks, they are not much different from the mainstream traditional watches with numbers and sub-dials. But trust me, they are too stylish. Unlike their smartwatch counterparts that sport a full-color touchscreen, these come with an analog display. Also, hybrid smartwatches do not include swipe and shake controls, but are controlled using the traditional buttons located on the sides.

Hybrid smartwatch vs smartwatch Hybrid Smartwatch

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Hybrid watches are compatible with almost all modern-day smartphones and can easily connect via Bluetooth connectivity. As opposed to smartphones that come with a whole bunch of innovative features, a hybrid watch only has a few, probably ones that are used by many; for instance, a fitness tracker or smart notifications capability. A hybrid watch generally uses a vibration mode to notify the user of the set reminders and other incoming notifications. The additional feature such as the fitness tracker is most likely to occupy a sub dial that displays your activity progress. As hybrid watches aren’t packed with all the features in existence, they have an amazing battery life, which can easily last for around a year or two.

Now let’s talk about smartwatches. Your friend probably already has one, and you know exactly how he/she loves flaunting it when you are around, thanks to the cutting-edge design that makes it looks like a futuristic gizmo. These watches come with capabilities that instantly let you change watch faces and colour schemes based on your personal preferences. Smartphones are packed with all the latest features such as touch-displays, button-controls, smart bezels, gesture controls and voice commands to name a few. When it comes to controls, smartwatches do hold an edge over their hybrid counterparts, as the former consists of features that save a good amount of time.

Hybrid smartwatch vs smartwatch Smartwatch features

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Smartwatches can easily connect to a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth. Most of the smartwatches, in fact all of them, include NFC support and Wi-Fi connectivity. Other notable features include, but are not limited to, GPS, motion sensors, fitness tracker, alarm, heart rate monitor and a capability to install thousands of apps.

So, now that you know how a hybrid smartwatch is different from a smartwatch, let’s put it all together in a few words. A smartwatch can, in fact, do a lot more than what its hybrid counterpart can. However, when it comes to classiness, hybrid smartwatches definitely take the limelight.

Which one do you buy then?

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If you are looking for something that’s classic yet stylish, go for a hybrid smartwatch. However, for those looking for a smart gizmo that does a lot more than just telling you the correct time, a mainstream smartwatch would be a good pick.