Hunt for Pokemons with the path breaking augmented reality app!

Hunt for Pokemons with the path breaking augmented reality app!

Hunt for Pokemons with the path breaking augmented reality app!

by July 14, 2016

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This new crazy android game has got everyone back to their childhood dream. Pokemon Go lets you catch Pokemons, and haven’t we all wanted to catch ’em all at some point in our lives?

Everyone from kids to grown-ups is all over the place hunting for Pokemon. They’re on the street in their neighbour’s backyard, the mall; you might even find some of them in the jungle hunting, not for a deer, but a cute Pokemon.

So what is it about this game that is making people crash into poles while on their phones, or leaving their homes in the middle of the night with their phones out?

The thing that makes Pokémon Go such a brilliant and path-breaking game is its very platform – augmented reality. Not virtual reality. With augmented reality, you don’t need to put on glasses to see the “game”; the game adds to your reality, augments it, to give you Pokemon Go.

Hence, the craze.

So what is this Pokemon phenomenon that is gripping the masses? Why has this Nintendo baby grown in fame by leaps and bounds in the span of less than a week? Its USP lies in its very premise- go catch the Pokemon that you have been watching on TV or wishfully thinking of petting!


What is this “premise” that we’re talking about? The game uses your phone’s clock and GPS to know your exact whereabouts so that they can place cute or ferocious looking Pokemons in your surroundings. And a few hundred metres away. In the bush. Near the lake. Somewhere.

Now that you are out collecting Pokemons, what do you do with them? You use them to increase your power and prestige in the game. Get a better rating as a trainer, just like in the Nintendo Pokemon handheld games. However, unlike the handheld version, this one doesn’t really have any “fight” in it…you don’t really get to battle another Pokemon or trainer.

A fun element of the game is the kind of Pokemon that will appear around you. If you are wandering around a garden, there will be more grass or bug kind of Pokémon. If you’re around a water body, then the water type is what you will see. Night time playing? Nocturnal or ghost Pokémon is what you will catch.

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If you’re worried about not being able to find enough Pokémon, there are spots where you could go to catch them; these hangout spots are referred to as PokeStops. How do you know where to find these tiny creatures? There will be a pink glow on the map highlighting the PokeStops so that you know where to find them when you’re too bored to run around trying to catch them. That’s not all; you can even get your hands on PokeBalls and some eggs while you’re there.

While the game is free for download on Android and iOS, you could buy stuff from within the game’s store to buy stuff that will lure the creatures.

One feature that every player is looking for is the option to play against real players, in multiplayer mode. If you are one of those players, then you will be happy to know that the developers will be launching such a version very soon!

One of the best things about this game is its not-so-subtle, it makes you exercise a little. Okay, not so little if you are an ardent fan! Just take care, you don’t bump into someone or something.

All in all, Pokemon is the game that will always be remembered as the first augmented reality game of the new world!

So, should you go for Pokemon go? Of course, you should! However, you have to wait a little longer. For the app is not yet launched in India. Just watch this space for more updates!