Huawei VR or Samsung Gear VR- Which one could change reality?

Huawei VR or Samsung Gear VR- Which one could change reality?

Huawei VR or Samsung Gear VR- Which one could change reality?

by April 20, 2016
Huawei vr vs samsung gear vr

Samsung recently launched its VR gear Oculus, turning the long standing dream into virtual reality. Huawei has been quick to follow their footsteps and launched their own VR headset at their Shanghai Launch. Earlier at the London event, the company launched its flagship phones the P9 and the P9 plus . However, they saved a small surprise for its Chinese audience. Although it is still unsure if the VR device will be launched all over or is limited to China, but it will definitely be up for grabs this year.

samsung gear vr vs huawei vr

The Huawei VR headset looks similar to the Samsung Gear VR however, it works slightly differently. The functioning of Huawei’s new device is similar to the LG 360 VR headset. It can be connected to the P9 or the P9 plus using a USB-C cable and provides an experience similar to that of viewing a 130 inch TV from two meters away. This tiny device, in that case, is helping you save up on so much space! You could hang a beautiful piece of art instead.

Huawei vr

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The Huawei VR headset offers a 1080p resolution, which is not as impressive as the Samsung QHD. The Samsung VR Oculus uses its phone, the Galaxy Note 5, S6, S7 or the edge, to power the headset and the phone itself provides a screen for the Oculus.

Huawei vr vs samsung vr

The Samsung Oculus comes with a wearable device which essentially includes a system of lenses, straps, and some padding to hold the phone in the device. With similar features Huawei VR headset also comes with a touch control and back button on the side. The device also has a focus wheel on the top.

huawei vr features

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How is it different from the Samsung Oculus, you may ask? The Huawei VR headset connects the phone via a cable and the Headset has its own display, while the Samsung Oculus uses the phone’s screen as the display for itself too. The Huawei VR headset comes with an anti blue light filter that helps to protect your eyes from the harsh lighting.

huawei vr samsung gear touch

The Huawei VR headset provides a 95-degree field of view, while the Samsung Gear VR provides a 96-degree view. The difference is miniscule and may not make as much of a difference in the viewing experience. A real treat, though, for the Huawei users will be a collection of over 4,000 FREE movies, 40 games, and 350 panoramic images and over 150 panoramic tours.

The Huawei Headset’s other specifications include 20ms latency and a -7.00 myopia to provide users who wear glasses a comfortable viewing experience. Huawei announced this product at the Shanghai Launch, however, the price and launch date were not spoken about. We can expect the device to be launched soon, sometime this season, as Huawei seems to be all geared up to compete against other players like LG, Samsung and HTC.