HTC Mobiles – Still Ruling Touch Screens

HTC Mobiles – Still Ruling Touch Screens

HTC Mobiles – Still Ruling Touch Screens

by August 13, 2012

In the age when most people used to click stubborn buttons, HTC Mobiles allowed users to slide and touch. When people were stuck in the age of Symbian systems, HTC Mobiles offered Windows OS. So, basically, they have been pioneers in bringing good cell phone technology.
There is a host of HTC mobile models that one can select from on the basis of requirement, and price preferences.

Money Matters

From the HTC Explorer that would cost you a little less than Rs. 8000 to HTC Flyer that could cost you a little over Rs. 37000; you have a wide variety of choices.
You can select the handset that you find suiting your preference from the aspect of the budget. However, whichever model you select, you can rest assured that you are getting the best in the range and the market.

What’s Inside?

We always believe that what’s inside is what counts. So, obviously, the “inside” of the HTC Mobiles are what make it what it is.
HTC Mobiles come with 800 MHz and above processors. This means that HTC Mobiles come with state of the art technology that enables you to work, communicate and enjoy a game, on the go. Most of the handsets are powered by the Android OS. The higher end handsets even allow the users to upgrade the OS to higher and more recent versions of Android.

Uniqueness Quotient

HTC Mobiles come with a unique technology called HTC Sense. This software allows the mobile to “sense” which application will be compatible with your mobile. This saves the user time and memory from downloading applications that would not be compatible or useful for the phone.

Camera Quality

HTC Mobiles come with really good camera quality. The middle and higher end mobiles also offer camcorder facility. This application allows you to record high quality videos. Imagine recording a mean video on your phone, and uploading it online as a short movie!

Internet Space

HTC mobiles come with sleek software which makes internet surfing faster and smoother. More so, social networking applications allow you to update statuses, upload pictures and videos on the go. Fast and smooth, just the way you like it.

Final Verdict

While the variety of the HTC Mobiles is immaculate, the choice is tough. If you know your requirement, CompareRaja will help you know which phone suit you better, and where would you get the best prices.