HTC Launches the Grip, It’s First Ever Wearable Fitness Tracker

HTC Launches the Grip, It’s First Ever Wearable Fitness Tracker

HTC Launches the Grip, It’s First Ever Wearable Fitness Tracker

by March 6, 2015

The Taiwanese gadget giant recently unveiled the Grip Fitness Tracking Smartband, a GPS-enabled tracker powered by UA Record, a health and fitness network designed for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

For now the HTC Grip will be available in 2 colours – Deep Teal and Lime. In terms of size, you get to choose between small, medium and large based on your wrist size. Priced somewhere around $199, the device will initially be available only in North America. So, if you are someone residing in India, you may have to wait a bit longer.

Though the device is a fitness tracker, it does a lot more than just tracking your heart-rate. Apart from being GPS-enable, the Grip also features Bluetooth 4.0, thereby letting you connect it to an Android or an iOS handset. Note that the device is only compatible with Android 4.3 or higher and iOS7 or higher.


What makes it more interesting is its IP57 certification, and therefore is dust and water resistant. The HTC Grip is powered by the company’s own RTOS (Real Time Operating System). Sporting a 1.8-ich mono flexible display, the tracker comes with 8MB of internal storage capacity.

The 100mAh battery can easily last for more than 2 days. However, in case of active GPS, it delivers up to 5 hours of battery life. Additional features include a g-sensor, compass, gyroscope and a light sensor.

The device has a smart sense technology that has the capacity to track different kinds of workouts such as jogging, running and even cycling. In all, it includes 5 sensors (including the GPS) for tracking different workout routines. Once the Grip is paired with a compatible device, call and message notifications will be displayed on the screen.

Right from tracking your physical activities to keeping a tab on your daily progress, the HTC Grip ensures you get the most out of your workout. Putting it all in simple words, the device in fact trains you as if you have a professional expert along to guide you at every step.

The curved display, a colourful interior band and the black finish might remind you of the Nike’s FuelBand 2. However, the HTC Grip is presently being compared to the Microsoft Band and the Fitbit Surge. Here is a comparison table:

HTC Grip Microsoft Band Fitbit Surge
Display 1.8-inch PMOLED 0.43 x 1.30-inch 0.82 x 0.95-inch LCD
Sleep Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Heart Rate No Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes Yes
Compatibility Android, iOS Android, iOS, Windows Phone Android, iOS
Battery Life 5 hours to 2.5 days 2 Days 1 Week

No doubt, in terms of specifications, the HTC Grip seems to be walking in line with the already-existing ones. But, will it be able to sustain the pressure of the competition? We’ll have to wait and watch.