HP ZBook and Apple MacBook Pro: Which takes the limelight?

by May 2, 2017
Apple Macbook Pro vs HP ZBook

HP ZBook and Apple MacBook Pro: Which takes the limelight?

In the era when portable productivity means making use of high end business applications or resource heavy gaming, you require more than just desktop replacement—you actually need an ultrabook that will double up as a portable device to offer total mobility. Apple MacBook Pro and HP’s ZBook, are both quick, fast, light, and offer top of the line spec sheet.

Comparing the Apple MacBook Pro and HP ZBook

If we talk about the ZBook 15, it is a handsome as well as substantial device, with brushed aluminum surfaces, a magnesium frame, and a dark black and grey paint scheme. But it weighs 6.2 pounds and this is a stocky 1.2-inch thick —that’s a good pound heavier than various other 17-inch desktop replacements that we have seen. It seems rock solid at rest, and you can see a port on its bottom in case you are desk-bound normally.

As far as the Apple MacBook Pro is concerned, it is a highly functional and advanced-featured device having high tech functionalities and configuration to drive exceptional processing prowess. It perfectly competes with the configurations of HP ZBook. If you are on the lookout for a good portable business laptop then let’s look at these factors to compare the two class leading devices.

Both the devices, that is the HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation as well as Apple 17-Inch MacBook Pro, (750GB) are notebook laptops which mean that they are pretty more portable than other standard laptops. That said, let here have a quick comparison in specifications:

1. Graphics

If we talk about the graphics, both stand apart in their own way. But, the NVIDIA Quadro K3100M that is present in the HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation is a little better than the AMD Radeon HD 6750M that is present in the Apple 17-Inch MacBook Pro (750GB).

2. Display

The HP ZBook comes in 14”, 15” and 17” variants while the Apple MacBook Pro comes in 13”, 15” and 17” variants.

3. Processor

As far as the processor spec is concerned, the Intel i7 4700MQ included in HP ZBook Mobile Workstation can be said as a slight improvement than Intel i7 2720QM, which is present in the Apple 17-Inch MacBook Pro,

4. Battery

The battery incorporated in the HP ZBook 17 lasts 12 hours, which is slightly better than the Apple 17-Inch MacBook Pro battery. Apple’s best performance is quite less in duration.

5. Memory (RAM)

The RAM present in the HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation is 16GB, which actually beats out the Apple 17-Inch MacBook Pro memory. The big GB RAM helps your device run more concurrent processes as well as complete intensive computations faster.

6. Size

Size is one more consideration that you need to think about if you would be lugging it around to conferences, meetings, or seminars. The Apple MacBook Pro has a slightly thinner size in comparison to the HP ZBook. It is obvious that its weight will also be less at 2.02 kg as compared to 2.82 kg of HP ZBook (at 15 inch screen size).

Our choice

In the end, we can say that both the devices have their own specifications and functionalities. We would prefer the Apple MacBook Pro simply for the amazing layer of security it has built around its entire app ecosystem. But both have some good features that make it worth a decent buy. Now you can get to choose the one which can best suit your requirement and preferences.