How to Position Your Home Safety Cameras in the Most Appropriate Way?

How to Position Your Home Safety Cameras in the Most Appropriate Way?

How to Position Your Home Safety Cameras in the Most Appropriate Way?

by April 5, 2017
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Have you ever given a thought to how safe your home is? You may have heard of or seen many burglaries or crimes around you via TV or print media, but have you considered what the best possible way is to safeguard yourself? Here’s one way to do it – surveillance cameras.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. For utmost safety, security cameras are a viable solution. With the help of surveillance cameras, you can keep an eye on your vicinity even if you are away from home. Hence, with the help of the camera, you can capture the images or recordings of a sequence of images without the need to be present.

A home surveillance system is essential in every home with the crime rate increasing year by year. Therefore, identifying the potential hazards to your home, we would like to bring to your notice certain sensitive areas of your home that needs more attention while placing cameras at your home.

It is observed that 34% of burglars enter the home through the front door.

Another 22% of home burglars enter through the back door.

Burglars always target the rear window.

At first floor window, 23% of burglars break in here.

Side gates and patios are more prone to intruders

Security cameras have thus become the need of the hour due to the ever-increasing crime-rates. Here’s how you can place surveillance cameras to ensure complete protection for your homes.

1) Front Door: Surprised to see front doors on the list? Most burglars come across as people who have come over to help, making us more gullible to burglary. To avoid such situations, use the outdoor camera to keep an eye on those outside your door. Make sure the camera has wide angle lens to monitor the main gate, yard, and street.

urveillance Cameras Peephole Camera

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Note: You can use high tech peephole cameras, so you know who is outside your door before you open it.

2) Back Door: Backdoors is out of sight from most, making it an entry worth securing with cameras. This could help you gather evidences of security breaches and violations if burglars try entering. Make sure the cameras are obscure and out of reach of any individual because criminals are likely to try and tamper with them.

Surveillance Cameras Night Vision

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Note: Choose a waterproof camera that is equipped with night vision. Ensure that the camera is hidden to protect it from the rain and other elements.

3) Backyard/Side-gate: A night vision surveillance camera is to protect your home and belongings. If your yard is fenced in, make sure your camera has a view of the entrance gate so that you can know what is happening on your property when no one is supervising. A backyard camera will also come in handy if there is a commotion in middle of the night so you can know who was causing it.

4) Off-Street/Windows: Criminals often enter homes through windows that are not in direct view of the street which increases their probabilities of committing the crime.

Surveillance Cameras Wireless Cameras

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Note: Wireless security camera should be preferred that has the capability of remote control from a mobile or tablet.

5) Garage: Garages consist of a higher level of risk of theft because garage doors are often left open or, most times, inferior quality doors are used, increasing chances of break-ins.

Note: Multiple devices/cameras are a wise option to give you a view of every exterior wall, including the garage doors. (Hyperlink multiple devices/cameras – ).

Conclusion: Make sure you check your recording regularly to troubleshoot any issue with glare. To get the most of the protection against your investment protect your home by taking the necessary action to manage your security. Be safe and enjoy the life!