How to Master Apple’s New iPhone X, Important Tips & Tricks You Should Know

How to Master Apple’s New iPhone X, Important Tips & Tricks You Should Know

How to Master Apple’s New iPhone X, Important Tips & Tricks You Should Know

by December 6, 2017

The new iPhone X has successfully mesmerized the users with its innovative features. There is a significant alteration in the design, which has been quite controversial among the critics and fans. However, these changes ultimately contribute to increased productivity and high-end security, as claimed by Apple. Among the new features added this time, the renowned electronics maker has ditched the iconic home button, which had been used for Touch ID. Now, for the very first time, the first has introduced a new biometric sign-in system known as Face ID in the flagship smartphone.

Now, if you are unaware of how you can master Apple’s iPhone X’s innovative features, then you should keep reading for a quick guide on learning the latest tricks and tips it possesses.

A Quick Guide to the latest tricks on the new iPhone X

1. To wake the screen:

With the iPhone X, Apple introduces the familiar technology found in other popular brands that facilitates the user to touch anywhere on to the screen for waking up the device.

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2. To capture a screenshot:

Without the visible home button capture the screen, the Apple iPhone X has now changed the button combination for taking a screenshot. The user will now have to click and release the Volume Up + the side button at the same time.

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3. To access the Control Center:

The users can easily access the control center by using a slide down gesture from the upper right side of the phone screen instead of the bottom.

4. To check notifications on the lockscreen:

You can easily check out the lock screen notifications by using a swipe gesture from the top left position of the screen.

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5. To manage multitasking:

You can manage the multitasking in multiple ways. If you are present on the home screen, then all you need is to swipe in the upper direction from the bottom, move halfway and pause. Now, you can now scroll sideways to switch between or close any of the apps.

6. To open Apple Pay:

You can access Apple Pay by pressing the button present on the side twice and then using Face ID to authenticating your purchase. The mechanism is similar to that on an Apple Watch, and the Face ID is optional.

7. To access Siri without the need for Voice commands:

For Siri, you just need to press and hold the button on the side to open Siri without speaking “Hey Siri.”

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8. To use flash or torch:

Use the 3D touch feature to access the flashlight present on the screen. Pressing the icon for a longer time turns the torch on and a second long press turns it off.

9. To turn off the iPhone:

Press and hold the side button with any of the volume buttons for switching off your iPhone X.

10. To enable the latest Face ID:

Face ID provides an extra secure feature on the device. This latest technology is on by default, and you can disable it by going to system options>Face ID>Turn off.

11. To capture a selfie in portrait mode:

To take a selfie in a portrait setting, open the camera, swipe to the right side to access the Portrait effect and you are done. Just smile to take a portrait selfie.

12. To record a video in 4K at 60fps:

The technique is default on the phone, and you can change it from 1080 at 30 frames per second to 4K to 60 frames per second using the video quality settings.

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13. To quickly go to camera app:

You can use the usual method of swiping from the right to the left in the new iPhone for revealing the camera. Alternatively, you can even touch the camera icon with the 3D technology.

14. To make an SOS:

Just press and hold the side key for six seconds for accessing the emergency support. Or you can also enable SOS by pressing the button on the side 5 times.

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15. To reset Face ID:

If, by any chance, you find that the Face ID is not accepting your facial structure or if you want to add another person to unlock your phone, then reset it from the settings.

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16. To share an Animoji:

For sending the popular and unique Animojis using the new iPhone X, simply open iMessages, click on the iMessage app logo and then click on the icon in the shape of a monkey to open the distinct list of animated emojis.

17. To force a restart on the phone:

If, somehow, the iPhone X hangs, then you can force the phone to restart using this unusual combination. First, you will need to press and release the Volume Up key quickly. Follow the same combo with the downwards Volume key, and after that press and hold the button on the side for a few seconds. Your device will automatically restart.

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These are a few ways that might help you to understand the innovative features powering the latest iPhone X.



These iPhone X tips and tricks will help you adapt to Apple’s big design overhaul