How To Link Your PAN Card With Aadhaar

How To Link Your PAN Card With Aadhaar

How To Link Your PAN Card With Aadhaar

by May 24, 2017
Link Your PAN Card With Aadhaar

The Government of India has made it compulsory to link their PAN number with Aadhaar Card. This step is important as it helps in filing your annual tax returns. It is a way to detect tax evasion and tax frauds and ensure a greater compliance.

If you are amongst these taxpayers, all you have to do is perform a simple two-step process and get your Aadhaar linked to your PAN number. You don’t even need to register or login at the e-filing site, as the facility is available for one and all.

Follow the 2-step procedure

If you want to execute and perform the process smoothly, it will be imperative to follow the 2-step procedure. These steps will lead you to successful linking of PAN number with Aadhaar Card. Here are the important steps:

Step 1:

Visit the official Income Tax e-filing site and click on the link present in the left pane. Once you do that, you can link your Aadhaar Card immediately.

home page

Step 2:

Enter your PAN and Aadhaar number along with your name. Make sure you write your name with the correct spelling as present in your Aadhaar Card. If you are sure about the details entered by you, submit the application. The UIDAI will verify the information, and if the results are positive, your links will get confirmed.


Trivial issues

If the UIDAI comes across any minor mismatch in the Aadhaar name, you will have to enter the Aadhaar OTP provided by the site. Check and make sure that the D.O.B and gender in your PAN card is the same as the Aadhaar. In case of correction of name or DOB in PAN card, then this link will prove to be helpful.

In the rarest of cases, the Aadhaar and PAN information will fail to match. During such occasions, your links will fail and the entire procedure will get cancelled. You can resume only after changing the information in either of the two databases. It is very important to keep these steps and processes in mind while linking Aadhaar with your PAN Card.

How to follow website procedures?

Visit the official income tax site and follow these significant steps to link your PAN and Aadhaar.

  • Step 1: Register at the e-filing portal of the income tax department.

  • Step 2: Enter login ID, D.O.B, and password to login

  • Step 3: Once you login successfully, a popup menu will appear on the screen. If it doesn’t, you will have to click on settings to get the ‘Link Aadhaar’ option.

  • Step 4: Your details such as name, address, and D.O.B will be present. All you need to do is verify the details and check whether they are correct or not.

  • Step 5: After matching your details, enter the Captcha Code, Aadhaar card number, and click on ‘Link now.’

  • Step 6: If the process gets executed successfully, you will get the information in the popup menu.

Follow these steps diligently and get your PAN linked to Aadhaar today itself.