How to increase the lifespan of a fridge?

How to increase the lifespan of a fridge?

How to increase the lifespan of a fridge?

by August 21, 2017

We absolutely adore technological innovations, without thinking about how to use it efficiently. The refrigerator is one such consumer electronic item that is abused, misused and neglected in most of us in our homes. In this blog post, we will discuss how to increase the lifespan of the fridge or how to avoid the costly repairs.

Most of the refrigerators are durable and can withstand years of wear and tear. But they are not made to deal with the abuse and mishandling, as they may lead to the costly repairs. If you too are making these mistakes, it’s time to have a look at them and correct it! Learn about the common mistakes that can potentially turn dangerous.

Mistake 1- Packing the refrigerator to a full brim

How common does this idea spark you, “Let’s store more items in the fridge as there is still some space left.” If this idea crosses your mind occasionally, then this is a bad idea. Too much food stored in the fridge can put pressure on the motor and it has to work overtime to save the contents. This may ultimately lead to excessive wear and tear and it drastically reduces its lifespan. So, make a habit to store only necessary items and purge items that you don’t need.

Mistake 2- Filling the freezer

Do you think the packaged foods are a convenient way to handle our stressful life? Well, though they are easy to make, for the same reason, filling the refrigerator freezer with too much of packaged food or item can do more harm than good. It can block the vents of the refrigerator thus putting more pressure on the motor.

Mistake 3-Thinking that “Turning off the refrigerator will improve the lifespan of the fridge”-

It is the biggest myth that people have in their minds. They think that by switching off the refrigerator for a number of hours in a day, they will save the energy bills. But experts suggest that a refrigerator isn’t designed to be shut off regularly. When a fridge is turned on repeatedly, the compressor that cools the appliance uses more energy and leads to higher bills.

So, the best way to cut down the energy consumption of the appliance is to correct the temperature settings. Use the optimal temperature setting depending upon the food items. Set the freezer at -18°C and fridge between 2°C and 5°c. Another way to save on the energy bills is to make sure the back of the fridge is well-ventilated and devoid of dust. Vacuuming the fridge 2-3 times in a day can reduce the energy consumption phenomenally.

Mistake 4-Not cleaning the refrigerator

Just like it is necessary to clean the closet to make it look organized, it is important to clean the refrigerator on a daily basis. Though it is a thankless chore, it does improve the lifespan. Here are some cleaning hacks that you need to take into account:-

Tip 1-To stop buildup of grease and odor on the top of the refrigerator that you have just cleaned, just spread paste wax into the surface.

Tip 2-In order to remove tough stains, use toothpaste, as it gently removes the stains and leaves behind a pleasant odor.

Tip 3- It is advisable to not keep the fridge empty. Keep a large bottle inside it (at least a liter) filled with water. This step helps keep the refrigerator running smoothly and working efficiently.

Tip 4- Mold inside stale food can lead to unpleasant odor. Be sure to check the products filled inside the fridge and throw out anything that has expired.

Mistake 6- Making the cleaning of the fridge a big project

Scrubbing of the fridge and reorganizing should be done on a regular basis, in order not to make it look like a massive project after a long time. This trick is an easy way to improve the life of a fridge.

Mistake 7- Not cleaning the compressor

The most expensive component of the fridge is the compressor. And the most common reason for compressor failure is overheating of the appliance. Hence, today people pay a premium amount for the modern bottom shaped condenser. Without much maintenance, the bottom mount condenser runs for five years. However, if you take the time to clean the accumulated dust present in the coil, you can prevent the compressor failure and extend its life to 10-15 years. The equipment needed for cleaning the coil is easily available in any hardware store. If you this equipment, the home owner can clean it with a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean the coil

Cleaning the coil is not a job that needs an expert. Simply switch off the refrigerator, remove the protective grills and brush the dust away. The dust usually accumulates mainly on the blade’s edge. If this is not cleaned then the fan may slow down and not perform well. Hence, it is important to clean it.

Once the fridge is clean, plug it again. It sounds a simple procedure, but admittedly it can save you on energy bills and make your fridge last long time. A refrigerator with clean coils works efficiently and puts less strain on the mechanical parts.

Mistake 8- Not upgrading the home appliance

Stop convincing yourself that you don’t need a new refrigerator, even after 12-15 years. But the latest news confirms that an average fridge lasts for 13 years, and after that, you need to upgrade the appliance. If you find yourself struggling with an idea on which fridge is the best, consider having an energy star certified appliance. This initial cost of buying a fridge may be high, but it will save you on the energy bills in the long run.

Mistake 9-Keeping heating appliances at close proximity

In order to keep the fridge chilled at the perfect temperature; the compressor exhausts a lot of energy when it’s in close proximity to sources of heat like microwave, dishwasher, etc. It’s wise to keep these appliances at a distance to improve the fridge’s lifespan. Additionally, you can make sure to keep the fridge away from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Mistake 10-Not switching on Power saving mode

While all the refrigerators are not equipped with modern day power saving but if you have it, better activate it. It will not only save the energy bills but also increase the life of the equipment.


The refrigerator is the backbone of any home. Starting from milk, excess food, or vegetables, to fruits or meat, it stores enough items and improves their shelf life. So, in order to boost up the fridge’s immune system, it is important to consider the above-mentioned tips to keep it clean.

When the refrigerator starts aging or malfunctioning, consider upgrading it. Depending upon the kind of maintenance level, an average refrigerator can enjoy ten years of performance. Neglecting it, can, however, reduce the lifespan to mere 5-6 years and decrease the overall efficiency. Hence, it is important to check these above points.