How To Increase Storage Space On Your IPhones

How To Increase Storage Space On Your IPhones

How To Increase Storage Space On Your IPhones

by May 20, 2017
increase storage space on your iPhones

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Your iPhone comes with limited storage space which will lead to severe problems for you. Smartphone owners want to make room for movies, music downloads, images, documents, and even e-books. That won’t be possible without enough storage space on your iOS device. If you are sick and tired of receiving low storage space notifications and planning to invest in a higher-capacity model, here’s what you can do to save your money!

Hacks and tips to follow

Increasing your iPhone’s storage space won’t be an issue, if you have access to some effective tips and hacks. Here is our compilation of how to free up a lot of space, thus making room for your favorite movies and important documents.

1. Identify storage drains

Check the app settings, and that will give you an idea of the space occupied by all the applications. You can go to Settings> General Storage> and iCloud Storage which will help you identify apps occupying the biggest space.

2. Clear unimportant stuff

Most of the times, users forget to delete apps which are no longer in use. Check the storage files, and that will give you a crystal clear picture of which apps to delete. It’s always better to delete applications which aren’t of any use, as they take up unnecessary space.

3. Delete multiple image copies

There’s no denying the madness and craze over getting the perfect snap. In an effort to do so, you might end up capturing multiple photos of the same pose. Delete the old images and the non-HDR ones as that will free up a lot of space.

4. Get rid of excess data

Deleting browser data is an effective way of freeing up space. The following steps will help you do that easily:

  • Visit settings

  • Go to Safari

  • Clear Browser history

  • Clear Website Data

Performing these steps might delete your login details and data. You will have to renter it while using any of these browsers.

5. Bid adieu to old texts

Set a period for your text messages. Once that period gets over, make sure your messages get deleted. You can choose the ‘delete message’ settings and determine the period. That will help you get rid of unnecessary texts.

These are some of the crucial and effective tips for freeing up your phone’s storage space. Other than that, some of the below unique hacks can help you too.

Innovative and impactful hacks

Does your iOS device belong to the lower-capacity group? Then it’s possible for you to free up a lot of storage space. Check Settings> General> and check the available space. After checking the space, go to iTunes store and try downloading a movie that requires more space than what’s available on your phone. A dialog box will open where you will be notified about the lack of space and will be asked to manage storage settings. Once you click ‘OK’ and check your space, you will surely notice the increase.

Keep these hacks in mind and incorporate them in reality. Your existing device will get ready for larger storage needs.

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