Simple Tips To Boost The Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

by December 28, 2016
tips to enhance battery life

Gone are the days of phones that performed basic tasks and could last up to a week on a single charge. With the advent of smartphones with power hungry processors and pixel-packed large screens, it is the battery that takes a hit. Moreover, the feature-rich Android operating system adds to the misery of the smartphone woes. It has come to such a point that many smartphones these days need to be charged a couple of times to see through a single day. This leaves the consumers with no option, but look for phones with best battery life or spend money on accessories such as power banks and power cases. However, investing more money after buying a phone isn’t a great solution. For that reason, we have made a compilation of simple tips, which could help your phone’s battery clock more hours on duty.

  • Turn off GPS

tips to enhance battery life turn off gps

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Global Positioning System (GPS), with the help of navigation software, ensures that you don’t have to ask address to a shady paanwala anymore. However, in order do so, the phone is required to lock onto three satellites. As you would have guessed already, establishing a connection with objects in Earth’s orbit causes massive battery drain. We know that GPS is essential for useful apps such as Uber, Swiggy, and even Tinder. Undoubtedly, we don’t suggest stop using GPS, but whenever not required you should turn it off.

  • Lower screen brightness

tips to enhance battery life adjust brightness

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The ever-increasing love of the masses for bigger and brighter screens comes at a price. By price, we mean the dwindling battery life. If you want to avoid it, we recommend you to keep the phone’s brightness in check. When indoors, try to keep the brightness as low as possible. This will do a great favour to your eyes too. Avoid auto-brightness settings as these are quite cocky in most devices. Also, shorten your phone’s screen timeout to 15-20 seconds.

  • Kill background apps

tips to enhance battery life close background apps

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We all love multitasking, and with the kind of RAM smartphone manufacturers are throwing in their devices is crazy. We have already seen phones such as the OnePlus 3 packing in a whopping 6GB of RAM. Running several apps in the background provides a seamless user experience but in turn, burns a considerable amount of energy. By killing the apps in the background, you can drastically reduce the workload on CPU and RAM. Using Android’s built-in battery manager, you can identify the apps that hurt the battery life most.

Clearing memory on Android phones is quite easy. Just tap the multitasking key and swipe the apps to close. iPhone users can simply double tap the home button till the multitasking screen appears and then swipe upwards to close the apps.

  • Toggle 3G/4G Off

tips to enhance battery life turn off mobile data

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Always disable your internet data when you are connected to Wi-Fi. You could even switch to 2G mode if calling is your priority. It is the most efficient solution to the battery worries. And once you incorporate it into your daily life, it can save some hours for you between the recharges.

tips to enhance battery life turn off bluetooth


Similarly, deactivate Wi-Fi when you are away from Wi-Fi zone and are bound to use your mobile internet plan.

  • Turn off Bluetooth

tips to enhance battery life turn off notification

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Keeping Bluetooth on can significantly bring down your phone’s battery life. So as soon as you are done sharing files or playing a song on a wireless speaker, turn off the Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Turn off notifications

tips to enhance battery life turn off notification


Most of the apps these days run in the background and keep pinging the network to find something new to annoy you. For instance, shopping apps tend to notify you about the so-called sale every hour. Similarly, games such as Asphalt keep reminding you about new cars and maps. If your work does not revolve around emails, you can set generous email sync intervals and save some battery life.

  • Other useful tips

If available, use Power-saving or Ultra-saving battery modes

Do not install “Battery Saver” apps as they eat into the essential system resources

On iPhone disable ‘Raise to Speak’ feature in the Siri settings

Reboot your phone from time to time

Disable ‘Tap to Wake’ feature found on some phones

how to save battery turn off double tap motion launch


Understanding what applications and services impact the battery performance of your device the most and taking the necessary steps to minimise it is probably the best way to ensure that your phone’s battery does not run out of juice.