How To Avoid Texting to your Ex: Top 5 Apps to your Rescue

How To Avoid Texting to your Ex: Top 5 Apps to your Rescue

How To Avoid Texting to your Ex: Top 5 Apps to your Rescue

by March 12, 2018

Matters of the heart have always mystified mankind. Even the most rational and sensible person becomes a sobbing mess when his/her heart is broken, and no scientific study or brain mapping technique has been able to pinpoint how a person reacts to situations such as rejection or separation from a loved one. But one thing doesn’t need scientific research to validate it:  A break-up takes a lot of getting over.

In ages gone by, separation meant a few days of crying over it, followed by an attempt to get rid of everything associated with the ex-partner. When memories were limited to actual photographs, gifts, and hand-written letters, getting rid of them and ensuring that no painful memories were ever inadvertently triggered was a relatively easy task. But with the Social Media age in full swing, and people being connected in over 5 social media platforms at the same time, disconnecting from a person is easier said than done.

Friends and family will always make attempts to help you overcome the initial shock and grief of a break-up. The initial outpouring of sympathy and support does help paper over the cracks. The real challenge is keeping your thoughts away from your ex when you are all on your own. You could be alone scrolling through your Instagram feed when a photo of your ex with his hot new flame pops up. This is enough to send you spiralling into depression or a drinking binge.

It is in this situation that those with weak resolve may give in to their worse instincts and text or call their ex. Being in any state of inebriation certainly speeds up the process. While doing so may offer temporary relief and respite, it is effectively stopping you from moving on.

Space Age Remedies

The same technology that makes it so difficult to remove all traces of your ex from your life could be your salvation. Sifting through and manually deleting the virtual mountain of chats and group photographs that you and your ex-partner have so religiously uploaded on social media can be both time consuming and painful. Several ingenious minds, either through experience or goodwill, have developed applications and plugins which cater to this very need.

Yes, there are apps to ease you through your break up, and ensure that you do not succumb to a weak moment and reach out to your ex. Listed below are a few of the most effective and popular “don’t text your ex” apps available on the market today!

1.KillSwitch: – Very aptly named, this little marvel of an app lets you identify a target, upon which you will receive an inventory of all the content you share with that person on Facebook. Once you have decided whether to delete it permanently or save to a hidden folder, you literally press the KillSwitch, and you will never run into a particularly sob-inducing memory again. Since deleting every single photo sounds a little harsh, an upcoming version of KillSwitch will let you rate how severe your break up was. If it didn’t end up with flying furniture and cutlery, you could choose to keep group photos tagged, or just clear the last 6 months of tags. If the break up was especially nasty, a clean sweep could also be performed.

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2.Eternal Sunshine: – This app, whose name is so obviously inspired by the Jim Carrey- Kate Winslet break up classic, ensures that you do not run in to any content related to your ex while using Facebook. All updates are eliminated from the News Feed, like the Facebook ‘Hide’ option. But this app does not stop there. It goes through all the information coming onto your Facebook screen and removes any mention of the selected individual, thus saving you the trouble of unfriending him/her.

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3.Drunk Mode: – This genius app blocks call to a selected number for 12 hours. If you have plans to drink your sorrows away, enabling this app is highly recommended. In the event that you try to disable this app before the time limit is up, you will be asked several difficult math problems to determine whether you are in your senses or not. A little excessive? Maybe! But your self-esteem is worth the extra care and effort!

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4.Ex-Lover Blocker: – This app was launched by a Brazilian company in 2012, and makes our list for its sheer audacity. This app alerts your friends if you try to call or text your ex. If attempts are made to disable or dupe the app, it posts on your behalf on Facebook and shames you for trying to contact your ex. This app is obviously for very nasty break-ups only!

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5.Mail and Text Filters: – Every major e-mail provider and smartphone has an option to filter mails from a specific email ID. While you may be making your best efforts to stay away, your ex may have made an error of judgement and attempted to reach out to you. If you are sure that moving on is best for you, add his number and email ID to your blocked lists, and ensure that the temptation to text him/her never crosses your mind!

Life is too short to cling onto bad vibes and memories. These apps and plugins should speed up the moving-on process considerably!

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