How would you describe the difference between this decade and the decade before to the coming generation?

How would you describe the difference between this decade and the decade before to the coming generation?

How would you describe the difference between this decade and the decade before to the coming generation?

by August 8, 2017

Ashley Jackson

Ashley Jackson is studying at Queens College, United States. She is our 2nd Runner up for the essay competition winning an amount of $75. Her topic of choice is: How would you describe the difference between this decade and the decade before to the coming generation?

Sometimes it is hard to ever really see a difference between the generations you are evolving in compared to the past generation a decade before you. Perhaps you only see your own and think all walks of life are experiencing everything in real time as you are experiencing it. You think “HEY! We all know how to work a smart phone right?” but why didn’t grandpa text me back? I showed him where the “send” button was located 50 times! Or why your mom wants you to be involved in the family dinners? I don’t care what Aunt Beth has to say about the Roseanne reruns… I could be doing something more productive like refreshing my Instagram timeline. I’m sure you’ve heard all of this from your children or you yourself may be asking yourself these same questions. Don’t worry grandpa will eventually find the send button, well I hope. I guess you never realize how different you are from the previous generation until the Wi-Fi goes out and suddenly you feel like life is over. Now what? Well, I’ll go order some Chinese food. I’m definitely going to snap chat my food! Oh wait, I can’t the Wi-Fi is out.

When you are thinking, breathing, living in your own generation your mind set is only focused on the evolving technology, modern music, the advanced education, fashion, jobs, and even dating within that generation. Yes even love or at least the ways in which we find love are changing compared to the generation before. I felt eager to write about this topic because I have experienced that time machine moment through someone else. I felt as though that moment captured the essence of a difference between this decade and the decade before and even the coming generation. My name is Ashley, and I would like to bring you into my experience. I was in my senior year of college as an undergrad, and I worked part time as a cashier in a bakery in downtown Manhattan. This bakery was a young female dominant store I guess you could say. This older male came into our bakery and asked if we were hiring. Now …to give you a gist of his description he stood about 6 feet tall, maybe 70+ years old, and he was well dressed in a lavish suit with a briefcase at hand, to say the least. He had the aesthetic and the exuberance of a man who came straight from Wall Street or maybe even a well-respected business man who owned a law firm. Well… These are the things you might think in your head based on your first impression, but we don’t actually say out loud. I was wondering after he had asked that question why this older man was acquiring about a job at our little bakery in Manhattan. As he began to tell us more about himself it started to make so much sense. His name was Luther. Luther went to college many years ago to become an architect. He stated “when I went to college all we had was the basics, pen and paper”. At the company he was employed at for many years it had sadly closed, so he applied for a new job as an architect. He explained to us at his first day attending work for this new company they wanted him to use what he called “some device”. Luther never told us what the device was… I assumed it was probably an IPad-like gadget or an app on a device for architects. Luther went on to say when they handed him this device he was puzzled “I didn’t even know how to turn it on”. Luther later found himself out of a job, walking the streets of Manhattan to find one now. That’s how he ended up at our little ol’ bakery. That was my time machine moment; see I never felt that great shift in technology because I’m the generation of it. However, I got to see the impact of technology. I figured if you went to college and learned a skill such as architecture than your set for life right? Not realizing WOW there are so many other variables in life that could play a major part in actually changing that. I was shocked; this architect who was born in a prior generation was struggling because of the differences in the generation of this decade. You don’t overtly notice these differences or think about these things on a daily basis but they are happening everyday around us.

Technology is advancing from our cell phones, laptops, to even our TV’s. People can actually purchase a TV that can talk back to them, how amazing is that? Cars can start without you even using a single key. I can take online college classes without stepping foot in a single classroom. I can read an entire book on an IPad that fits in the palm of my hand while waiting for the train but are these differences good compared to the decade before? The decade before knew the true meaning of face to face socialization, a simple phone call, and what it was like to sit at a dinner table with your family without looking at your Facebook news feed. It’s safe to say that dating has drastically changed between generations. Perhaps the coming generation will not know the true meaning of courtship. Dating now in this generation is called “Netflix and chill” or simply just texting to get to know a person and figuring out through text if they are worth meeting in person or not. It is seldom that you hear about a planned out romantic candle light dinner, or receiving roses just because it’s Wednesday, or a guy giving you his jacket while on a date because you shiver at the cold air breeze. The simple act of Love is tremendously different between generations. There are so many clear cut differences between this decade and the decade before to the coming generation.

As humans evolve it’s only right that the world we live in does too. We do leave behind a lot of old humanistic lifestyles, cultures, and our innate ways of being from prior generations because of the direction of our advancements. Society is changing, how we interact with each other is changing, college is even different. Google didn’t even exist years ago!! The word research had a whole new meaning when we didn’t have computers or at least as much as they have developed over the years. Let’s not forget gender differences. Males were taught to be the bread winners of their families while females were taught to be the stay at home mothers cooking and cleaning. Females are now becoming the CEO’s of major companies such as Indra Nooyi who is the CEO of Pepsi, Oprah Winfrey who is the CEO of OWN which is a television network, Angela Ahrendts who is the vice president of Apple and the CEO of Burberry. During a time when females barely went to college, in this generation and coming females show higher rates of attending and graduating college than males. There are more differences between this generation and the one prior, but this is just to show a few of the every day to day comparison that are rapidly changing. This essay would be my best way to describe the differences between this decade and the decade before to the coming generation.