by March 15, 2016
apple event 2016 march

Even as we sit and file our taxes before March 31st, we are dreaming about some Apples. With the Cupertino-based company announcing a mega event on the 21st of March, we are sitting still, hoping to catch a whiff of the latest news of the event ‘Let us Loop you in’ in the warm summer air.

apple one infinite loop

Here’s what we know so far about the event which will take place in the Apple Inc.’s magnificent campus, One Infinite Loop, in California. (Whoa!)

apple march event

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The biggest star of the event will undoubtedly be the new iPhone 5SE, a smartphone to keep us occupied as we wait for the flagship iPhone 7 to unveil this September.

As per reports, the 5Se will sport the same screen size of 4″ as its “older” sibling, the 5S . This is probably to keep the price low and appeal to those with a love for the iPhone but with smaller hands! If you’re one of those geeks who love to get their hands on the latest iteration of the precious OS, then the iPhone 5SE will be the vehicle that you’d want to get, for it will incorporate the latest iOS v9.3. So all you users of the new iPhone 5SE, this Apple will allow you to operate your display in split-screen!

iphone 5se

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Now, why would someone want the new 5SE if the 5S is already in the market? Well, maybe the tentative price tag of Rs.25 000- 30, 000 for a brand new iPhone run on an A9 chipset, with NFC for connectivity, Live Photos, and all the other goodness of the iPhone 6 series, except for the 3D Touch feature (yes, we hear the sighs). FaceTiming, taking selfies, clicking panoramic shots will all be at par with that of the iPhone 6’s camera as we wait for it… It has the same 12MP iSight camera as the flagships!

Coming to the aesthetics, the 5SE will resemble the 5S. Night Owls will appreciate the inclusion of Night Mode which will make the screen go easy on your eyes. No more rubbing your eyes and cursing the moon!

ipad pro

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The next big news, rather a product, is the iPad Pro or iPad Air (whatever you might like to call it for now) one of the less popular (still better than most) tablets. The iPad promises to be a 9.7″ machine packed with amazing specs and performance. Similar to its 12.9” big brother iPad Pro , it will come with powerful speakers so that you don’t have to miss out on the entertaining dialogues and songs that you’re watching in HD. With the A9X processor that will run the tab, you will very well have a fluid and smooth multitasking gadget in your Apple-loving hands. This isn’t all; you get a more compact Keyboard to keep your “smartness” going!

Another “cool” paraphernalia that you can get with your iPad Pro is the really versatile Apple Pencil. You could go around sketching your dream house on your iPad Pro with the pressure perfect Pencil. You also get a Smart Connector with the tab for faster access and quicker power.

apple watch milanese loop band

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The rumours of a new Apple Watch may be set aside by latest reports, but the event will definitely see new updates on the current Apple Watch. There are a couple of new bands like the Milanese Loop band in black and a nylon band. What are you waiting for? Prices? Umm… that we don’t know yet.

In another week, we will not only see the new Apple products but also the new orchids (Infinite Loop campus) that it will grow in!