Help your power bank to live longer with these simple tricks!

Help your power bank to live longer with these simple tricks!

Help your power bank to live longer with these simple tricks!

by May 31, 2017
Power bank

A mobile phone is a part of our lives. While its primary utility is to make phone calls and talk to people, it has assumed a much larger role today. We bank, shop, make payments, pay bills, and even order food using our mobile phones these days. We also watch videos, access social networking sites, view pictures etc. Hence, the mobile phone battery also drains at a faster pace. “Power Banks” have thus, become a constant companion for almost all of us.

We would all want our “power banks” to last longer and empower our phones with sufficient charge for it to sustain throughout a long working day. A few simple tricks, or tips, or precautions may enable your power banks to last much longer:

1. Avoid extreme temperatures: Most power banks use its internal battery to store the power acquired by it when it gets charged. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can damage this battery and reduce the lifespan of a power bank.

2. Where you keep the power bank matters: We normally carry the power bank in our bag, or keep it in our drawers etc. where the ventilation is not optimum. Lack of good ventilation could cause the power bank to heat up, thus, damaging its battery and reducing its lifespan.

3. It is better to use power bank correctly, rather than trying to use it smartly: A 5 Volt power bank normally comes with an output of 1 Ampere or 2 Amperes. The 1 Ampere output can charge cell phones and 2 Amperes can be used for charging devices such as laptops and tablets. However, there are people who charge their phones using the 2 Ampere output to enable it to charge faster. While this may charge your phone faster, it may cause permanent damage to your cell phone and power bank.

4. Charging the power bank: It is also recommended that the power bank should not be charged 100% but only about 75% to 80%. This reduces the heat generated due to charging and lowers the probability of damage to the internal battery of the power bank. It is also important to not connect any device to the power bank while it is being charged. This may produce heat that could damage the internal storage of the power bank.

5. Discharging and re-charging: It is recommended that one should not charge the power bank till it is almost completely drained. The charging cable should not be folded and rolled into your bag or a drawer. The charging cable with multiple bends may interrupt the smooth flow of current into the power bank. It takes more time to charge therefore, and produces more heat, which could eventually damage the internal storage battery of the power bank.

If you keep these tricks handy and practice it regularly, your power bank can last much longer and power your mobile phone for many more years.