Havells And Lloyd Gallery: The First Of Its Kind In The Industry

Havells And Lloyd Gallery: The First Of Its Kind In The Industry

Havells And Lloyd Gallery: The First Of Its Kind In The Industry

by July 1, 2019

Havells India is a popular and prestigious FMEG company with a global presence. Through The Gallery, Havells showcased its products from over 30 categories in a very unique setup. The first-of-its-kind setup attracted a lot of attention as it brought forth a range of innovative electronic appliances in a stylish modern home environment with cutting-edge electronic features. The setup of a home had separate “rooms” with Havells products. Spread across 4000sq.ft., the experience centre had the entire range of consumer goods along with LED screens to convey more details about the products.

Havells India Limited is home to a number of prestigious brands such as Havells, Lloyd, Crabtree, Standard and Promptec. The Gallery featured products from all these brands under one roof and made for an experience like no other. With its thoughtful decor and styling, The Gallery was quite a visual treat. It was a helpful walk through the vast array of Havells products that serve every room in a house.

Havells enjoys an enviable market dominance across a wide spectrum of products. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products:

Havells fans – Havells fans have clear USPs for household users – good performance, low energy consumption, and innovative designs. The varieties with dual colour and antique finishes can add a lot of aesthetic value to a room. The Special Finish range comes with state-of-the-art styling that makes quite a statement and is totally worth the price. The Stealth Air variety is a highlight with a stylish and aerodynamic design. It operates silently, is dust resistant and the blades have a wide sweep. The Octet has a unique design with 8 blades.

Havells Water Purifier – Havells offers a range of alkaline, RO and UV water purifiers with innovative space-saving purifier bodies. This is an example of how a lot of Havells products bring together modern technology and excellence in design. The Havells Active Touch in the UV Water Purifier range has best-in-class purification technology. The purifier looks elegant from the outside with contemporary styling and attractive colors which can very well enhance the look of the kitchen. With a host of features, this one is a must-have product in a kitchen.

Lloyd AC- Llyod has energy efficient window and split air conditioners in various capacities. They are loaded with features such as WiFi connectivity, 4D express cooling, and inverter technology. The Lloyd Grande is a flagship split air conditioner that is capable of cooling up to 18 degree Celsius in just 45 seconds! The air-draft feature gives a shower-like cooling experience. As it comes with Wireless Control 2.0, a user can also control it with a smartphone.

Lloyd TV- Lloyd LED TVs range from 22-inch to 84-inch variants with built-in Wi-Fi, LAN, Linux support and screen mirroring. The Android LED TV (108 cm) has a 4k Ultra HD display with a 4k upscaler, Google Assistant and Google Play support. Among all variants, this one makes for a very valuable purchase.

Lloyd Washing Machine- Lloyd has automatic and semi-automatic machines that deliver hassle-free garment care through innovative features like 360-degree turbo jet wash, Fuzzy Logic, Bubble Wash, Water recycle and more. The fully-automatic top load comes with a damping glass lid, preventing the rapid closure of the machine lid. It comes with features like tub clean, soak wash and fuzzy logic. It looks quite sophisticated and is priced very competitively.

Havells Switches- Havells is known for its aesthetically-pleasing soft touch switches that work for a variety of interior styles. Dual orientation switches have been designed for convenience and safety. The Fabio Modular range has a fabulous collection that can be installed vertically or horizontally as per individual needs. The switches have a contemporary design that effortlessly blends into any kind of space.

Other products on display included lighting and kitchen appliances. Considering the products Havells offers, there’s really something for every household.

Havells operates through more than 7,575 dealers and 40 branches within India and has a staggering presence across 40 countries. The Gallery only reflected the influence Havells has on the fast-moving electronic goods and the consumer goods industries. It also highlighted why Havells is the preferred choice among consumers looking to buy household appliances.

In an environment in which businesses rush to create similar products, Havells makes quite a mark with its innovative range of feature-packed offerings across the board.