Have you heard of Selfie Sticks – A hit amongst selfie takers

Have you heard of Selfie Sticks – A hit amongst selfie takers

Have you heard of Selfie Sticks – A hit amongst selfie takers

by December 8, 2014

Oscars selfieAre you a part of the selfie crazy gang? Love capturing selfies with your smartphone but sometimes find it tad difficult to click them in the desired manner then selfie sticks could perfectly solve your problem. Guess, you haven’t still heard of them …but would love to know more about them.

All about Selfie Sticks

Selfie sticks are hand held long collapsible rods that can be held at arm’s length on which you can place your camera or smartphone (these days) and click a picture. Also, termed as monopods, selfie sticks resemble the extendable pointers that are used while showcasing a presentation. For attaching a smartphone, there could be an adapter too, depending upon the design of the selfie stick. Once you fix your device on it, you just need to set the camera on auto timer, set it at the desired angle and go ahead. The best advantage of using a selfie stick is that the photographer can be very well accommodated in the picture frame. Great…isn’t it?

wireless-mobile-phone-selfie-stickhandheld-monopod-bluetoothTypes of Selfie Sticks available

  • Selfie sticks enabled with Bluetooth – These sticks can pair up with your Android based or iPhone and allow you to take a photo by simply pressing a button on the handle.
  • Selfie sticks that are adaptable with your smartphone’s headphone jack, you can plug them in and click the photo by pressing a button on its handle.
  • Selfie sticks which are accompanied by a keychain-sized Bluetooth remote but without a remote trigger function.


Undoubtedly, selfie sticks are highly preferred by travel buffs or global travelers who would love to get selfies clicked but are wary of unknown people handling their devices when visiting foreign lands. Moreover with the concept of instant sharing across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook has led to its immense popularity amongst selfie lovers.

Currently, selfie sticks are in rage in the UK, USA and South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines and even Japan to a certain extent. The latest news buzzing related to selfie sticks buzzing around is that South Korean government has banned the use of selfie sticks with non certified Bluetooth transmitters and jailing those who would be found selling them.


Wondering what led to the rise selfie sticks? The confluence of mobile internet connectivity, social media channels and mobile phones equipped with front facing cameras have encouraged this type of image clicking concept. Beginning with the front facing camera fitted in the Apple’s iPhone 4 and Instagram , Facebook’s exclusive image and video platform coupled with filter options led to the sharing of instantly clicked as well interestingly edited photos.

Interested in buying one for your own use? Well, some of the brands you could go for are Looq, Kootek, Okeyn, CamKix, iPow, Minisuit and more (manufactured in China) while they are in the price range of $14 to $40. On a comparison, Promaster’s selfie stick is capable of adjusting with phone of any size while MiniSuit Selfie stick is equipped with a click button on the stick making it even more convenient to use.

Owners of iPhone 4, 4s or 5 or even Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 or compact cameras can safely go ahead with an extendable handheld selfie stick with an adjustable smartphone adapter and phone holder ( available on amazon.com). This selfie stick accommodates the compact digital cameras and smartphones while its adaptor can hold phones that are 2.6 inches wide.

The popularity of selfie sticks is definitely growing day by day. In fact, it is the most shopped Christmas gift this season across the world. Also, available in India, selfie sticks can easily be purchased online across top ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and snapdeal and so on. Also, remember to use the term “monopod” while browsing for them for accurate results. Oh! By the away, they come in the price bracket of Rs. 500 to Rs 2000, quite affordable aren’t they?