Hathway Launches Android TV Based Play Box and Ultra Smart HUB

Hathway Launches Android TV Based Play Box and Ultra Smart HUB

Hathway Launches Android TV Based Play Box and Ultra Smart HUB

by October 6, 2018


Hathway Cable and Datacom, the broadband services provider, has announced the launch of its OTT set top box.  This will enable users of Android phones to watch all content on all OTT apps directly on their TV screens. The remote control of the Play Box from Hathway will sport dedicated button for Youtube, Netflix and Google Play as the smart device is based on Google’s Android TV.

“Indian consumers today use multiple remotes to switch between live TV and OTT and these remotes are not even Bluetooth-enabled. But globally, operators are changing. I think it was a good idea to bring this box to India to make watching experience on OTT TV easy,” Rajan Gupta, MD, Hathway, told Business Line. He added, “Today, consumers are paying the same price for all the channels. Top 25 per cent of the consumers can be segmented through this box,”.

The Play Box that comes with a price tag of Rs 2,999 requires a broadband connection to enable OTT viewing. The gadget can be upgraded with a new Android version for three cycles, usually spread over a period of seven to eight years. “We have the capacity for a lakh boxes per month and can double it up based on the demand,” Gupta said.

Hathway Play box also enables users to enjoy an immersive gaming experience on the big screen even when multiple users play the game. The device also enables a user to leverage Google assistant through a voice remote control. It enables to enhance efficiency by enabling users to find a web series, set timers and placing orders through an e-commerce website. The device comes with an inbuilt Chromecast, which allows users to mirror content from phone to TV.


The company has also announced the launch of India’s first Cable Hybrid box- the Hathway Ultra Smart HUB which also runs the Android platform. The device enables to combine TV with play services and will only be made available to the users of Hathway cable services.

“When we developed Ultra Smart Hub, the most important aspect has been listening to our customers to understand their needs regarding their TV viewing. We see a clear shift in consumption in content today compared to earlier. Indian consumers today want a mix of traditional linear television viewing combined with on-demand or streaming services. With the Smart Hub, we have a product that meets their expectations,” Gupta said.

“We are looking forward to leverage Hathway’s extensive broadband and cable network to enable more exciting and useful Android TV experience for consumers,” said Pranab Mookken, Head Android, Chrome and Play Business Development, India.