Hashtag Your Instagram Emojis And Express Better!

Hashtag Your Instagram Emojis And Express Better!

Hashtag Your Instagram Emojis And Express Better!

by May 3, 2015
Instagram emojis

Today, you may pick up any random person you meet in a café, on college campus, at work and chances are that they are uploading or updating their social media profile. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, the social media has become an integral part of our lives. We now express better, albeit online. The hundred odd emojis are now the way to go when we need to express in the virtual world and Instagram clearly understands this need to express of ours as it has proved with its latest update. Continue reading to know why we say so…

The picture sharing website has now made it possible for users to include emojis in their hash tags to express better and to search better. The user can now search for a particular independent emoji or even emojis with other characters using the hash tag. You can now see if anyone else is feeling “:P” by simply using a hash tag of the same emoji! You may add these emojis to your own pictures, search for them using the Explore option, or simply click or tap on them when you see them in titles or captions. The user will now speak the language of emojis, just like hundreds of thousands of others.

This is not all folks. Inspired by the thundering response to Instagram’s December release of five new filters, the website has come up with three new ones along with the emoji release. Named Lark, Juno, and Reyes, these filters will enhance and beautify the images. Lark is ideal for landscape pictures as it de-saturates the reds and brings out the blues and the greens to make them look even livelier. Juno makes the whites glow for more vivid looking pictures and enhances the warm tones. Reyes is best used to give a vintage and classical look to your images.

Instagram filters

Instagram has smartly catered to the wants of the users by updating two of its USPs- photo sharing and editing, and hash tag search. With the three new filters, Insta users will love sharing pictures even more and using the emoji hash tag search, they will find likeminded souls easily.

The user needs to download the latest version of Instagram to avail of these new features. Instagram for iOS version 6.11.0 can be got from Apple’s App Store, and Instagram for Android, version 6.20.0, will be available in Google Play.

It will be fun to see all the creative ways in which people will now use emojis in hash tags. With Instagram reaching new heights of popularity, more and more updates and releases are expected from the website to keep its millions of users interested.