by September 14, 2015
haier smart window fridge

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Now that the joke on the name of the world’s #1 major appliances brand is over, let us move on to what makes this Chinese company so popular that it held the world’s largest market share of 10.2% in 2014. Headquartered in Qingdao (no, we won’t discuss THIS pronunciation), the multibillion dollar company has for decades lead the field of technology and innovation. The fact that Haier utilizes about 4% of its annual turnover for R & D purposes it speaks volumes of the company’s endeavours to come up with only the best that the rest of the competition will follow. At the Berlin IFA this year, Haier gave its fans a preview into what will be a very “cool” ultramodern refrigerator.

haier smart window refrigerator outside

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So, what makes this fridge so different from the others? What makes it so amazing is that when someone walks up to the fridge, the opaque surface of the fridge turns translucent due to the illuminated lights inside which enables you to look into the fridge without having to open the door! It gives you x-ray vision! Taking motion sensing technology to another level, this fridge is surely smart! You can also switch on the lights with a simple wave of the hand, allowing you to peer into the contents of the fridge, thus also saving a lot of electricity. Now no more opening and closing of the fridge when you’re bored, simply wave and the ‘smart’ Haier fridge will light up! Literally!

haier smart window refrigerator inside

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Yes, it lights up, but that is not it. The fridge is Wi-Fi enabled which means that the user can control the many features of the fridge like temperature control, alarm management etc. using their smartphone or tablet. This practically means that unless you actually need to take out something from the fridge, you need not open the fridge door at all!

haier smart window xray vision

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Coming to the other details, the fridge has five storage areas which include a freezer that is capable of cooling up to -350 C quickly to maintain the freshness of the food items. Inside the fridge there is a sensor that communicates with the main control panel in order to regulate the humidity levels using a fan motor.

haier smart window fridge human sensor

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Called as the ‘Smart Windows’ refrigerator, this product is a part of the S100 series of 1 meter- wide refrigerators. The added benefit of the products in this series is the lifetime guarantee it provides on the compressor, making it a very wise investment. However, the company is yet to announce the price tag that this mean machine will come with.

This very innovative and thoughtful design will hit the stores in Europe and Asia next year, and unless you are a serial killer who likes to hide in the huge refrigerator, we think that the fridge is going to be a massive success in the market when it releases.