Will Google Smartphones take on the Apples?

Will Google Smartphones take on the Apples?

Will Google Smartphones take on the Apples?

by June 30, 2016

google phone launch

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A lot of the smartphone market is dominated by Android, while Apple takes over the high-end consumers. The news is that Google, who makes the Android software and has focused on developing it and making it better with every upgrade, is soon going to change this game. Unlike Apple, which makes its smartphones and the software, Google has been working with other popular brands.

Google smartphone

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Companies like HTC, Samsung, MOTO have all been making Android-based smartphones, resulting in every 4/5 phones using the Android versions. Most smartphone companies tweak the software to make it more customised for their brand. While very few like Nexus or MOTO leave it untouched, providing their users with an almost ‘pure’ Android experience.

With Google venturing into the hardware domain, it will have more control over the design and manufacturing of the phone along with its software. This is sure to shake up the market, putting Google up against the smartphone giant Apple, making Google a tough competitor.

Google to launch smartphone

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Although Google is planning to launch its smartphones the Android platform will be available for other mobile phone companies as well. This launch is also said to bring inconsistency in the usage of Android OS giving people the real Android experience. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai told that the company would continue to support its range of NEXUS devices and work with other manufacturers as well. He also told last month that Google is investing more efforts in its smartphones.

Google seems to be tired of the Apple monopoly and would like to make its niche in the high-end smartphone market. It also recently launched its own VR Headset; this could be its prep for launching the smartphone by the end of the year. Some of the Android using companies like Samsung and HTC have already launched their own VR Headsets and a Google making one for them would be a redundant move.

Google smartphone launch

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This launch will also help a lot of Android users have direct access to the OS without the company interfering in its design, look or functioning. Thus you wouldn’t have to wait for an upgrade depending on your smartphone company or deal with an altered user interface.

To ensure Google excels at this new venture too, the company hired one of the most reputed names in the Hardware domain earlier this year. Mr Rick Osterloh, the former president at Motorola, who is set to help Google launch their smartphone this year. He is now head of the Hardware division helping Google take over the smartphone market soon!

All these years Google was known for its excellence in making software’s that are amazingly user-friendly and fun to use. The colours on the Google logo will always stick around making your experience enjoyable with every upgrade. It’s exciting to see what Google may have for us when it comes to the Hardware domain. But we’re sure they wouldn’t leave their customers disappointed.