by December 26, 2015

Remember the time of the SMS and MMS? Well, in this age of WhatsApp and Hangout, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t! In this ever developing world of online communication, you will find newer and newer chat platforms and messengers fighting for your attention. Popular amongst these is the Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, and WeChat which has millions of users across the globe. Keeping up with the competition, Google is reportedly developing a new mobile messaging app that will rival Facebook‘s own intelligent messaging app which is in beta: Facebook M.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Google has been working on developing a new messenger that will use artificial intelligence to answer all your queries. The project, yet untitled, has been in the making for the past one year with Google’s VP for communications products, Nicholas Fox, heading the development.


We do not know the exact features of the rumoured service, but online reports suggest that it will essentially be an advanced chatbot who will very kindly, answer all our queries. The chatbot will access the Google search engine for answers to questions put forth by the user. It will even be able to send links when possible. The California based company will, in all likelihood, allow other developers to make chatbots that work with the messaging service so that the user can get an answer from these third party apps, if and when possible.

Google’s new messaging service is being seen as its attempt to keep users hooked on its search engine, a move necessary, considering how many of them are slowly but surely moving to other search engines. Another reason could be the lacklustre ‘Hangout’ that fails to get a friend to “hang out”! The new app will certainly work in Google’s favour by getting users to chat with each other on a superior platform.


Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario so that we can understand just how amazing this new messenger could be… Picture a scenario where you are chatting with your friend on the new Google messenger and you decide to grab lunch sometime soon. Both of you decide to try out a new cuisine, but have no idea whatsoever about the various cuisines! So what do you do? You simply start a chat with the Google Bot and ask it for information on various cuisines! Furthermore, you could even have it find out the nearby restaurants serving that kind of food and even make reservations! Sounds nice, doesn’t it? If you’re thinking that this will be your very own butler+ Iron Man’s Jarvis+ Siri/Cortana/Google Now, all combined into one app, you wouldn’t be far off!

Google has not volunteered any comments on the supposed messaging app, but if reports are to be believed (and we would very much like to believe them!) the app could roll out sometime next year. Until then, let’s take consolation in the other AI platforms we have… what say Siri?