Google Takes Artificial Intelligence A Notch Higher With The New Google Assistant

Google Takes Artificial Intelligence A Notch Higher With The New Google Assistant

Google Takes Artificial Intelligence A Notch Higher With The New Google Assistant

by October 21, 2016
Google Now vs. Google Assistant – What’s the difference?

Artificial intelligence is the future of our world. We already have Apple’s Siri and Window’s Cortana to make our day to day life easy. Walking on the same lines, Google has launched Google Assistant. Just like Siri and Cortana, it is a voice-activated personal assistant and is Google’s most awaited tech-child.

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As of now, Google Assistant is only available on Google Pixel. Most of the Android users have already experienced ‘Google Now’ and have asked various questions by saying ‘OK Google’. SO what exactly is the difference between these two?

Google Now

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Google now cannot be considered as artificial intelligence, but a dictation or voice commands. The wizard gives the answers for a particular request by a user.

  • Made to answer

Google Now can hear and understand the natural language of people and respond to requests, as long as you are in the list of pre-set commands.

  • A secretary

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It works more like a secretary. Just by saying ‘OK Google’, you can do programming, find restaurants near you, and calculate travel time from one point to the other.

  • Common

Unlike Siri in iOS and Cortana in Microsoft, Google Now is not a unique Android platform. That means it can be used in all the operating systems.

  • Just a search engine

Google Now could be considered a slacker next to its competitors, as it just provides the information that the user has asked. You cannot learn with the help of it.

Google Assistant

In comparison to Google Now, Google Assistant goes a step further: the user can talk to and learn from it.

  • Made to converse

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While his younger brother can only hear and give practical answers to user requests, Google Assistant can start a conversation, thanks to their knowledge and understanding of natural language.

  • An assistant

Tasks that Google Assistant can do include all the tasks that you can perform in Google Now and more, but with a nicer interface. For example: if you search “Show me the pictures of my wedding”, Google Assistant will customise the results and show you the pictures only from that particular folder.

  • Omnipresent in Google

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Google Assistant only works in Allo chat app in the Google Home automation device and the phone Google Pixel. It is also expected to work by default on all devices that run the latest version of Android.

  • A friend

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Google Assistant not only responds to the user in complete sentences but also learns from him. It regularly gathers all the information through your search to improve the results more accurate and personalised.

Google Assistant is an advanced version of Google Now and is likely to replace Google Now in the future completely. Let’s hope, this big brother of Google Now will soon be available for all the Android users to make their lives smoother.