Google Project Soli – A Ground Breaking Technological Invention

by September 24, 2015
google project soli

We all know that Google is the biggest and the most popular search engine in the world. But, not many of you would know that Google has another face to it, a face of an innovator. If you look back, over the years, Google has been responsible for giving the most mind-boggling and ground breaking innovative technologies to the world, the Google Glass, Android OS, Google Box and many more. What if we were to tell you, that these were just merely a shadow as compared to what Google is all ready to throw at you next? Are you feeling the jitters already? (That is exactly the kind of hype we want to build). Are you excited to know what Google is up to now and what innovative is it going to throw at you, Read on…

project soli


Before we reveal what the new innovation exactly is, let’s reminisce a bit about the annual Google I/O conference that took place a couple of months ago. During the conference, the Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) group, which is the most exciting division of Google revealed a number of new developments, but one of the most mind-blowing revelations of them all was the Project Soli. Google suggested then that Project Soli will let users control their wearable devices with gestures made in thin Air and believe it or not, the technology is going to be a reality soon!


Companies like Leap Motion have already invented gesture based device controls system, which are terrific but Google Project Soli is a notch above. It is nothing like anyone has seen or even heard before. The current gesture control system uses camera based sensors but this system requires an additional hardware. Whereas, the Google’s Soli uses invisible radar that is emanated from a chip, that can be embedded into any device. The chip recognizes the finger movements and transforms the hand gestures into commands and lets you control your device (see the picture above). The Project Soli chip uses 60 Ghz radar spectrum at up to 10,000 frames per second.


Demonstrating the genius technology to the crowd of developers in California, Ivan Poupyrev the leading research head behind the project, operated a radio simply by rubbing his finger and thumb together (See the picture above). The Russian researcher, said, Soli has the capacity to pick-up hand movements as far as metre away. If you have seen the movie, Minority Report and marvelled at the sci-fi antics where the characters manipulate the virtual objects just by moving their hands, well then the Soli is going to make the fiction a reality soon. By using Soli, you can build the Minority Type Interfaces.


With project Soli what seemed to be only a superficial technology until now is going to become the order of the day in the near future. Project Soli is definitely a game changer and is going to change the device design and user interface of the devices in the future. The daily consumer electronics like telephone, television and microwave could become unrecognizable. Project Soli is most certainly the epitome of technological excellence and proves there is no limit for innovation.

Watch the full Soli demo video:

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