Google thinks far away from the box with its Project ARA!

by March 3, 2016
project ara

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Google is known for its mind-boggling innovation. Most of Google’s projects look like they have been handpicked straight out of a futuristic science fiction movie. Take the Google Glass for example. A pair of ‘smart’ goggles with a display projected over the lenses? That’s the sort of thing that James Bond or Ethan Hunt would wear. When it was announced, people were sceptical over the functionality of such a device and its practical uses. Though the first Google Glass could never be more than a stepping stone towards something larger, it surely got Google lots of accolades for at least trying something completely out of…no in fact, quite far away from the box. And it’s a testimony of Google’s audacity that they are continuing this trend with Project Loon, Project Soli, Skybender, Tango and now Project ARA.

What exactly is Project Ara?

Well, first you have to imagine a scenario. Remember those old desktop PC days where after months and months of usage you could finally chuck out that battered RAM stick and put in a brand new one with double the memory? Or simply replace your hard drive with a new one? Now wouldn’t something of that sort be well used for mobile handsets? Well, Google beat me to it with Project Ara. It is a revolutionary concept and if properly realized, could change the way we use smartphones. With Project Ara, the magicians at Google have taken upon themselves to create a modular smartphone with easily replaceable vital components like camera, storage, speakers, processor and battery.

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So when you think you need to upgrade your phone, there is no need to actually replace the whole thing. You just upgrade the internal hardware components and you have a brand new phone with faster components.

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Google says on its website that it wants the user to be ‘able to buy the best camera for their phone rather than buy a particular phone for its camera’. That really sums it up perfectly. The advantages are limitless.

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We’ve been hearing about Project Ara since 2013 and until now, there has been little concrete information on the device. Rumours suggest that the device will be a humongous beast with a 13.8 inch screen!

Here is the check list of the biggest advantages of Project ARA:

  • Keep the same phone but upgrade with up-to-date components

  • Easily swap components without turning the phone off

  • Components covered with shells that can be changed according to the users aesthetic requirements

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  • Instead of shelling out money for a brand new phone every few months or years, spend a fraction of that amount for newer components.

  • Ultimately design your phone to exactly match your own requirements.

So that’s all there is about Project Ara in the rumour mill. Google is expected to out the first device sometime this year. Watch out this space for more news.