by October 7, 2016

Google Pixel to come with Android 7.1

Just a little over a month post the release of Android Nougat, we have Google making another splash in the technology market. The California-based company has revealed its latest set of Smartphones, and no, it’s not Nexus. An addition to Google’s “Pixel” world are two new handsets, Pixel & Pixel XL which are going to be the launch vehicles for Android 7.1.

Before we delve into the specs and pricing of the Pixel & Pixel XL devices, let’s take a look at what Android 7.1. is all about…

Night Light: Easier on the eyes

android 7.1 night mode google pixel


If you are a new- age bibliophile who loves reading while the rest of the continent is asleep, or simply love watching your favourite TV show in bed, the Night Light feature that Android 7.1 brings with it is sure to delight you. The Night Mode works to lessen the eye-strain that users often experience while using the phone in low light conditions. With Night Light, the display will take on a yellowish red colour instead of the bright blue colour that often keeps the user awake and causes stressed eyes.

More than just a fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanners that unlock the phone are not new enough. What’s new is a fingerprint scanner that not only acts as a security feature but also as a quick way to pull up your notifications panel. With a Smartphone running Android 7.1, the user can view the notifications with a simple downward swipe on the fingerprint scanner. Handy, eh?

Daydream becomes a reality

google pixel android 7.1 daydream vr


At the Google I/O conference earlier this year, the company announced its ambitious plans of bringing Google lovers closer to virtual reality. Android 7.1 is a big step in that direction as devices running this Android iteration will be compatible with the Daydream View VR headset.

Update without interruptions

We want regular system updates, but hate having to shut everything else on the phone to do so. Courtesy of Android 7.1, Android users, no longer have to fret about this as all the updates run in the background while the user goes about multitasking on their Android Nougat 7.1. Phone.

Some of the other Android 7.1 updates will be bug fixes along with performance and interface improvements.

Coming to Google’s Pixel & Pixel XL handsets, these two devices will boast of some Android 7.1 features that other devices which will receive the OS update may not have. Here is a low- down on these features:

Pixel Launcher

The interface has been reinvented with the apps now coming to the fore when you swipe up from the bottom of the device’s screen. The ‘Google Search’ bar also looks cleaner now with a single ‘G’ icon at the top of the display that the user needs to tap to start the interaction with the Google app.

Google Assistant

google pixel android 7.1 google assistant


Built outside of the Google Allo app, all you need to do now is say, “Okay Google”, or press & hold the home key to get Google Assistant at your service.

The Pixel USP

android 7.1 pixel video stablisation


If it’s named ‘Pixel’, its camera needs to be at the focus, right? One of the defining features of the camera on the phone is Electronic Video Stabilisation (EIS) so that your videos are shot with the utmost clarity. Smartburst takes shots in a rapid sequence and automatically selects the best frame. Furthermore, all the images are clicked in HDR+ as default to capture the best colours even the lowest of lights.

Unlimited & smarter storage

google pixel unlimited cloud storage android 7.1


If you have a brilliant camera, you obviously need generous storage to go with it. How about unlimited storage? And a phone that automatically starts uploading pictures & videos to the cloud when the storage space goes low? That’s what a Pixel does. Take a bow, Pixel.

24×7 customer support

Start a chat or a phone call from within the Pixel phone itself to seek customer support. Yes, it is that simple.

Enough about Android 7.1; let’s shift the spotlight to the most advanced of Google’s smartphones yet, shall we?

Display & Design

Built by HTC, the Google Pixel will sport a 5” screen (1080p) while the Google Pixel XL will come with a 5.5” screen (Quad HD). Protected by the 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 on the front, the constant fidgeting with the phone won’t be seen on the screen in the form of smudges. The aluminium body plus the glass at the back makes the phone look appealing, while the Google stamp in the form of a single ‘G’ adds to the branding of the tech giant.

Processor & Hardware

google pixel features battery


Both the Pixels will be powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor and come with a massive 4GB of RAM to ensure only the most fluid of multitasking. Power is no problem when it comes to these gadgets as Pixel XL is packed with a 3,450mAh battery while its smaller sibling has a 2,770mAh one. Oh, and if you aren’t a fan of power banks or simply forget to charge your phone (like most people) then note that you can get up to seven hours of power in a merely 15-minute charge!


google pixel android 7.1 camera


The camera lover in you can rejoice at the 12.3MP primary camera and 8MP secondary camera that comes with the Pixels. As mentioned earlier, the EIS, Smartburst, and HDR+ features make the camera in the Pixel handsets one of the most advanced in its category.

google pixel android 7.1 features


Going head to head with Apple’s iPhone series when it comes to pricing, the Pixel will come with a price tag of about ₹57, 000 for the 32GB Pixel variant, ₹66, 000 for the 128GB one. The Pixel XL will burn a bigger hole in your pocket with its price tag of ₹67, 000 for 32GB storage variant and ₹76, 000 for the 128GB model. If you think the Android 7.1 run Pixels are worth the money, then know that the pre-booking starts from October 23rd with shipping expected to start a couple of weeks post that.