Google Pixel Review for a Great Purchase Experience

Google Pixel Review for a Great Purchase Experience

Google Pixel Review for a Great Purchase Experience

by May 5, 2017
Google Pixel Review

The Google Pixel device, as well as Google Pixel XL, delivers what we have often wanted from a flagship Android phone – an attractive design, great Google component integration, and lightning-fast performance that you will hardly get on any other phone. Additionally the Pixel nails the modern-day essential of modern day mobility – good “all-day” battery life, best-in-breed cameras, and update support that remains unrivalled in the Android space. Though expensive and lacks full-fledged water resistance, the Google Pixel is definitely scores very heavily on other features.

The Display

The 5-inch Pixel configures a full-HD, 1920 x 1080 AMOLED displays. AMOLED screen has rich colours and deep blacks, to make them very appealing. I noticed a few differences between the 1080p panel on the Pixel in comparison to the sharper 1440p screen on the Pixel XL. For one, green apples were rendered a lighter green on the 1440p AMOLED panel of the Pixel XL than on the 1080p of the Pixel and (The Pixel’s shot of the green apples had a bluish hue). A brown background was rendered lighter on the Pixel XL’s panel than on the Pixel’s display.

The one issue with the Pixel is that the text on the screen doesn’t seem sufficiently legible in the sunlight. I turned the brightness up all the way and still wasn’t completely comfortable with the viewing experience.

The Screen

The Pixel’s screen is a big step beyond the past generation, coming close to the build quality of Samsung’s latest phones. The smaller Pixel’s screen is equally bright; though it doesn’t keep match that of the Galaxy S7 in subjective outdoor tests.

Processor, connectivity and Memory

At a Rs. 50,000+ price point, you’d expect top-notch components and the Pixel didn’t disappoint. There is the Snapdragon 821 (which is a tweaked version of the 820 – about 10% quicker than the latter), 4GB RAM, Cat 12 LTE (around 600Mb/s downloads when networks eventually support it), 802.11ac along 2×2 MIMO, NFC, GPS and Bluetooth Cameras are top notch, too.

The phones come in two variants of 32GB and 128GB, and it’s not expandable and the base Rs. 51,000 model has 32GB and – in line with Apple – you would pay Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 more for the 128GB version. It is a flaw that there are no other memory options, like a 64GB variant.

But aside from the microSD slot, there is one other missing character: water-resistance. The Pixel has none, so it doesn’t check a crucial box for several buyers. Samsung and Apple’s competing phones – the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 respectively – would survive an accidental drop in the sink (or even the occasional underwater photo), but the Pixel would not and that is a major drawback for high-end phone enthusiasts.

The Camera

I was expecting great camera performance and the smaller 5-inch Pixel performed admirably well on that front. The 12-megapixel f/2.0 aperture back camera captures lively images, smoothing out skin tones and producing that still-in-the-moment look that makes you relive the scene each time you look the photo. The Pixel captured photos quickly, devoid of any lag whatsoever.

The Pros:

  • Compact, great in-hand feel

  • Google Assistant is the leading AI in the industry

  • Pixel Launcher is extra functionality

  • Superb camera

  • Fast-charging battery and strong battery life

  • Built-in chat support for all your queries and troubles

The Cons:

  • Lacking in full-blown water resistance

  • Design might be better

  • Display is not bright sufficient in sunlight

  • Audio could distort

The Judgment

This Pixel XL device has few of its flaws, but superb cameras, long life of the battery, fast OS updates as well as Google Assistant- these all become the reason of making it an amazing Android phone. Google set out to exercise control over its software and hardware, and its effort is visible in the Pixel phones. The Pixel’s camera quality has impressed me more than most of its competitors.