Google – Lenovo Team-up for a ‘Tango’!

by January 4, 2016
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The leading search engine in the world, Google and the masters of innovation, Lenovo have taken the proverb ‘two to tango’ quite seriously and are on the course to join forces for their new ‘Project Tango.’ Lenovo is all excited about the new partnership with the global conglomerate, Google and if the partnership becomes a reality, Lenovo will integrate Tango technology into one of their Android powered smart devices.

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In the lead up to the new partnership, both Google and Lenovo have officially announced a common event, which is scheduled to be held later this month on January 7. Both the companies have said that they will reveal more details about the Project Tango at the January 7 event. While the event is still a few days away, we can be sure that it is definitely going to culminate into a better technological future.

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Lenovo has even sent out media invitations for the event, which clearly hints that the two giants are collaborating for ‘shared vision for a new tomorrow’. While what the event will unfold is still cryptic, what we can expect though from the partnership is better mobile technology. Lenovo hinted that with the new Project Tango, “mobile devices should see and navigate the world, the way we do.” The statement in itself may not seem like it is revealing too much about the technology but we know that the developer test machines for project Tango already exists.

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While Lenovo and Google are all for their new partnership, Lenovo is not alone in the race to get a piece of project Tango. NVIDIA is another major company that wants to be part of the Tango technology and has included the feature into one of its tablets. Apart from NVIDIA there are other major players in the market that wants to work with the Google as part of the Tango project, including Qualcomm and Intel.

Also, LG confirmed that it would release a commercial Tango empowered smart phone to the masses within the next few months, but it would be interesting to see when it really happens. Project Tango is a new technology that is built by Google that takes the advantage of the computer version to allow the smartphone and tablet devices know the position in relevance to the 3D world around them.

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If you are wondering what the big deal about Project Tango is and why there is so much buzz around it, here a few features that will surely leave you amazed:

The tango technology empowered mobile device will be loaded with NVIDIA Tegra K1 Processor, a motion tracking camera, integrated depth sensing and 4MP pixel camera. The Project Tango enabled device will be combing 3D motion tracking with depth sensing feature that would give your mobile device the ability to exactly locate its position and how it will move through the spaces in 3D. The positioning is done without using any GPS or any other external signals.

Well, this is not the first time Google is bringing something mind-boggling. The Google project soli is another ground-breaking invention that enables you to control your wearable devices with gestures made in thin air! (I know that is incredible! So, couldn’t stop myself talking about it!)

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So, coming back to the other significant features that Project Tango will bring to mobile devices are depth perception, area learning and motion tracking. There are literally thousands of developers who are using the Project Tango to build experiences that can help you find your way around and walk through the stories. The precise measurements capacity and the indoor way finding ability are simply mind-boggling.

If you are an app developer and are intrigued with the features of Project Tango, you can get yourself a tablet development kit and create your own application and upload it on the Play Store. Even if you are not an app developer, you can still try getting the kit and let your creativity, research and development skills run wild and you never know you may end-up creating the next big application. You can order your development kit for $512 and start exploring the technology, the journey would be totally worth it.