Here is all you missed at Google I/O 2016 DAY 1

by May 20, 2016

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Google’s “Innovation in the Open” is undoubtedly one of the hottest dates on tech enthusiasts’ calendar (Google or otherwise). So when Sundar Pichai promised that Google will be “building the next evolution of Google” from the 18th-20th of May at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, everyone cleared their schedule to follow the event live. For those who didn’t, we have the brief updates here:

  • Google Assistant

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Like any clever and thoughtful assistant, the app correctly understands what you need by deciphering the context. Ask it what movie is playing nearby and mention that you’ll be hungry at that time and voila! Assistant will have the movie timings and places to eat around the theatre right away! It also offers what they call “suggestion chips” in the form of emoji or very specific comments. So next time you don’t know what to say when your boyfriend asks you what you think of the new One Direction video (we’re trying to break stereotypes!) and you don’t know what to say, simply let Assistant handle it! And don’t worry, the app understands your writing style and will offer suggestions based on that only so that your SO doesn’t find the one.

  • Messaging Apps- Allo & Duo

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Allo is the new Hangout, only much better. It incorporates Assistant into it. With Allo, Google has taken your privacy very seriously. Not only will messages in Allo be encrypted but it will also have an incognito mode! Want to feel like a spy? Allo has expiring messages too! Oh, and private notifications in case you have a snooping eye around.

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Duo is your video calling enabler. Simple to use, it comes with a “Knock Knock” feature that will send a video preview of you to the opposite person. We can see a lot of potential misuse for this, but let’s stick to the positives for now, shall we? Like the fact that Duo will be made available soon on both, Android and iOS.

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  • Google Home

The future is here, people! Google announced its smart home assistant, Google Home, which will in all aspects, is comparable to Amazon’s Echo.

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It is a small little speaker in different colours to match your décor needs! In its nascent stage, Google says that Home will have better integration with outside services once it opens the product to developers. For now, you can change the temperature play music, etc. with Home’s assistance.

  • Google’s Virtual Reality- Daydream

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Who doesn’t like reality? The mobile VR platform, Daydream, will be based on Android N and promises to be much more powerful than Google’s other VR offering- Cardboard. Basically, Daydream will allow you to view some of its apps like Google Photos, YouTube, Google Play Store in the VR way! The Home Screen too, will have a VR version. So whenever you feel like getting yourself a little daydream, Daydream will literally be at your fingertips!

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Furthermore, Google also showed a reference design for a VR headset that it will keep open for other companies to develop with Google.

  • Android Instant Apps

Most of us have had the annoying “You need to install *blah blah* to view this” popping on our screen when we try to access some content. Thanks to Google’s new brainwave, we won’t anymore! Once the feature hits our smartphones later this year, whenever we click on a link that requires a specific app to work, Google Instant Apps will simply load that part of the app that the user requires to view the content!

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Park and Pay (example)
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With its hands on all things tech, Google still has a lot up its sleeve at this year’s I/O. Keep watching this space for more on that!

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