by March 29, 2016

Wish you had that beautiful hat donned by your favourite actress? Thanks to Google, you no longer simply have to ogle at it; simply take out your Android Smartphone and take a picture of the hat, and use the integrated Google Goggles functionality to search online for where to buy that hat from!

The name ‘Google Goggles’ may sound familiar to you, especially if you have been an Android loyalist from the days of yore. Making its first appearance with Froyo, GG (yes, we’re calling it that) didn’t seem “cool enough” back then. So what changed, you ask? Just like huge economies change for the better with integration, so has GG! Reports suggest that Google Goggles will now be integrated into the Google Camera app, so that your search for that elusively pretty hat comes to a fruitful end.

A very useful yet under-downloaded app (underrated is overused!), Google Goggles is an augmented reality app which unfortunately most are unaware of. However, all that will soon change if the reports of the Google Googles and Google Camera app integration are true.

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With the Nexus line of products coming stocked with the Google Camera app, odds are that you will sooner rather than later use the Google Goggles function of the app.

Informed users of Google Search may very well think of Google Goggles as being somewhat similar to Google Image Search which allows you to search the web for an image similar to the one you’ve selected.

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Let’s pick another scenario to show you just how handy this app integration will be! Imagine this: you go sightseeing at a new travel destination and the history buff in you wants to know the significance of the monument whose picture you just clicked. Tourist guides are passé and that’s why you simply use your Google Goggles feature within your Google Camera app to search online for the name of the monument and get its history. Simple enough?

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However, there is one tiny little glitch that prevented GG from becoming popular: how would the app know which part of the image you wanted to focus on? What if Google Search results bring back a picture of the vendor sitting in front of the said monument? You obviously don’t want to know his biodata, do you?

Thankfully, the new Google Goggle integrated version will allow the user to manually outline the part of the image that they wish to find out more about, leaving the other aspects of the image untouched.

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Let’s get back to that hat, shall we? Say you took a picture of a product you wanted. With Google Goggles, you get possible results on where you could buy that item and for what price. Sounds like something straight out of a James Bond movie, doesn’t it?! What more? If you stumble upon a foreign text in a book or may be in the ruins of some historical place, simply click a picture and Google will translate it for you! Amazing, isn’t it?

Google has been known to keep up with the times, sometimes even creating these “times”, and that’s why, there are reports that suggest that the Google Goggle app will also be integrated with the Google Glass wearable device as well as Virtual Reality headsets.

Keep watching this space for more on these “visionary” goggles…!