Google Earth 3D Imagery Revolutionising Our View of the World

Google Earth 3D Imagery Revolutionising Our View of the World

Google Earth 3D Imagery Revolutionising Our View of the World

by April 27, 2017
Google Earth 3D

Google has always been a forerunner when it comes to innovation. Starting from search engine bot to aerial earth view, the company has always astounded its user base with its achievements. One such achievement is Google Earth – a bird’s eye view of what is happening around us sans the need to have wings.

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is an Android app that helps the user in globetrotting from all across the world with a swipe of a finger. With this app, you can see famous landmarks in Google Maps using Google Earth 3D imagery. This app lets you explore earth’s terrain without much exertion. It draws most of its calibration from satellite images and NASA space data to show how a specific place on Earth looks from an aerial view.

Some Tips while exploring the Google Earth with 3d imagery

If you are a newbie with this app, these are some of the questions that you may have: –

Question 1-While exploring Google maps; you must have probably noticed that even the busiest places seem to be without any people. Why is this so?

Well, it is because Google is becoming better day by day. It has removed vehicles, skimmed people so that the people can get a clear view of the streets.

Question 2- Does this app operate on any mobile device or does it need a separate configuration?

Yes, this virtual map can operate on any Android or iOS device. With this free app, you can fly through cities like London, New York, Tokyo, without having a passport. Isn’t that an excellent invention for travel enthusiasts?

Question 3- What is the recent update that Google Earth has brought to its kaleidoscope?

Google has recently revamped its earlier version for web and Android. The new version is loaded with features. With it, the users can see 3D maps of specific areas, explore different places, and take guided tours. These tours are organised by experts that include historians, scientists, and other geo-experts, thus helping users to learn about their chosen places of interest.

Google has also organised a separate section called as Voyager that briefs the tourists about the different tours. Apart from that, the company has borrowed a button “I am lucky” from its search engine sibling that takes you through unexpected places like opera houses in Italy or hot springs in Japan, before showing you the interesting facts associated with these places.

How will this app add value?

Apart from showing, drone’s viewpoint of architectural marvels present in this world, this app is highly beneficial for geologists, historians and curious people alike.

  • Geologists can witness the damage caused by deforestation to our Mother Earth

  • Historians can explore the hidden treasures that could not have been possible earlier

  • People can explore landmark places, places of historical interest by sitting on their couch.

In a nutshell, this app definitely transports you to the world where life exists without any terms and conditions. Google Earth has truly revamped the way we see the world. Be a part of it, and download the app today!