Google Announces A Hands-Free Clips Camera

by October 6, 2017


Google showcased a tiny device that looks like an Instagram app icon. The peculiar device is called Google Clips. This camera makes use of the Google’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and functions on its own by taking pictures and seven-second videos. It is not really a surveillance camera, but it does sound creepy.

The Google Clips comes in a very tiny form factor. You can toss it on a table or just clip on and use it as a wearable. It houses a 12-megapixel 130-degree wide angle lens with f/2.4 aperture. The 16 GB of internal storage is enough to save hundreds of images and video snippets. Twisting the lens activates the camera. There’s also a manual shutter, but it is not much of a use since there’s no viewfinder or display to frame a shot.

The Google Clips allows you to get yourself and your loved ones clicked candidly. The camera uses its facial recognition prowess to identify your family members and even pets to prioritise the shots.

The device may sound creepy to many at first. However, Google assures that your data will remain secured locally and encrypted on the device. The data won’t be synced over the Google Cloud, until you grant a permission. Also, the camera doesn’t feature a mic, so it can’t listen to your conversations.

The Google Clips is priced at $249. However, there’s no word on its launch date yet.