Google Announced Android 12, WearOS, and more at I/O 2021; Few Highlights

Google Announced Android 12, WearOS, and more at I/O 2021; Few Highlights

Google Announced Android 12, WearOS, and more at I/O 2021; Few Highlights

by May 21, 2021

The annual developer conference of Google dubbed as I/O was held in California at Mountain View. It has also included a product keynote. Google has revealed some significant upgrades to Maps and Workspace. The keynote has also included updates on Android 12 along with some improvements and upgrades on WearOS.

Here are a few major announcements that conclude the Google I/O 2021.

Android 12

The smartphone market is dominated by Android and Google has revealed its new version. As the beta version is out, it’s evident that Google has done significant overhaul to its OS since its inception. To name a few changes, Android 12 has now personalized color palette, battery-saving enhancements, and updated & faster UI for notifications. In terms of visual changes, Google has remodelled home screen, lock screen, and system settings, as well. It will be launched later this year.

WearOS fused with Tizen

Along with Android’s updated version, WearOS has also seen a big overhaul. The primary reason behind this change is the merger of Samsung’s Tizen and Google’s WearOS. The fusion will offer users 30% faster time to load the apps, continuous heart-rate monitoring, and much faster & smoother animations. It will also result in better battery life. It will ease the process for the developers as they will have to create apps for a single platform. Samsung has also confirmed that the next-gen Galaxy Watch will come with new software.

Safe Routing on Google Maps

In implementing some environment friendly measures, Google is beginning to roll out the eco-friendly route on Maps, it will give you the most fuel-efficient route to follow. Along with it, there will also be a Safe Routing feature. It will use machine learning to detect fuel-efficient routes along with inspecting weather and traffic conditions on that route.

Enhancements on Workspace

The update that users will see rolling out in a very near future is Smart Canvas. Basically, it’s a fusion of Google’s existing apps such as Sheets, Slides, and Docs. Along with it, Workspace will now have Google Meet deeply integrated with it. Google also announced that in late 2021, there will also be a companion mode that will use AI and machine learning to frame, light, translate, and focus in a better way.

LaMDA: A better virtual assistant

In the Google I/O 2021, the company also revealed its Project LaMDA that is basically an enhanced language platform and is still in the R & D phase. The purpose that LaMDA will serve is to allow users to have better interaction with their virtual assistant. At I/O, the software giant showcased short videos where LaMDA was in the conservation and acting as Pluto, the planet. CEO Pichai said at the event that seeing LaMDA in action was such an interesting sight, however, it’s early research and that’s the reason everything it said was not right.