by September 8, 2015
GIGA SELFIE APP - Click enormous selfies

Image Source: antyweb.pl

It seems like Christmas has come early for the selfie lovers in Australia, for Tourism Australia in a very thoughtful gesture has come up with a unique yet truly genius way to help out those poor selfie takers who try to capture their amusing pouts along with the background in the selfie, almost always in vain.

how to click a giga selfie

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Touted as the world’s biggest selfie service, Australia Tourism’s GIGA- Selfie is an app that allows the user to take selfies in stunning locales of the Down Under land. The process to take such a selfie is very easy. Firstly, the selfie is required to install the GIGA app on their smartphone. Next, they need to stand on a predetermined, GIGA certified place, like a platform. They then take a selfie using the app which in turn acts as a trigger for a camera that is located some 365 feet away.

giga selfie platform


platform for giga selfie

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How does the selfie lover get their photo? The photo is emailed to the each of the photo taker and what they get is not just a selfie with lousy backdrops, but instead, a selfie with the brilliant backdrop that truly epitomizes the beauty of Australia. The user can zoom in as much as they like, choosing to keep themselves or the backdrop as the focus of the picture. If they are confused, they can even save the image as a small clip which zooms in and out to show the viewer the whole picture.

giga selfie app

The GIGA app is an ingenious strategy by Tourism Australia adopted as part of their “There’s Nothing Like Australia” campaign which aims to create a bigger tourism industry for the island continent. As part of the GIGA app strategy, such platforms will be placed at major landmarks in the country to get more and more coverage of the beautiful country.

What inspired them to come up with such a clever app? Their disgust for those long selfie sticks? Nope, their inspiration came in the form of the Japanese tourists who form the sixth largest group of tourists to Australia. It was observed that this group prefers to capture their Australian memories in the form of selfies, but the inadequate coverage provided by the camera lens didn’t capture the true beauty of the Australian backdrops. Thus, was born the idea of GIGA. The GIGA app is a sure shot way of tapping into the media and tech savvy generation that prefers to click on their smartphones instead of lugging a huge camera with them while travelling.

Launched on the Gold Coast on the 5th, this app promises to become the next big thing in tourist photography. Unfortunately, this app is not available beyond the time and place as specified on the Tourism Australia website which means that we have no idea as to when such technology will reach the other striking regions of the world.