Gifts that could make your women financially secure

Gifts that could make your women financially secure

Gifts that could make your women financially secure

by March 7, 2017
Financially secured gifts

Every year, we see a lot of euphoria around Women’s day on 8th March. Everyone from brands to greeting card companies to gift shops tries to cash in on it. The buzz around Women’s day does capture the mindshare of men. It sets them thinking as to how they can make this day special for their women.

Women are a very positive influence on our lives. They hold the family together, are efficient multitaskers and excel in managing their personal and professional lives with aplomb. This Women’s day, we recommend every man to think about the important women in their lives and give them gifts that can provide them financial security and stability.


Let’s look at one gift for each of the special women in a man’s life. The first one – the mother who gives birth to him and makes him capable of earning and doing well in life. The second one – the wife who stands with him through thick and thin. And, lastly, the daughter – who admires and looks up to him more than anybody else on earth.

A gift for the mother


As you start working and have your family, your mother would start getting older. At that age, she would not be as agile as her younger days and is prone to injuries and illnesses. A great Insurance plan could be the ideal gift for your mother this Women’s day. When you buy it for your mother, please do check if there are sub-limits that restrict you from claiming more than a specific amount on certain diseases or illnesses. You should also check if the policy takes the current illnesses and health conditions into account and allows the freedom for you to choose the type of treatment and the doctors.

A gift for the wife


We are sure you would have got her into your family healthcare policy. How about going a step further? Whether your wife is an independent working woman or a homemaker, they take immense efforts to manage the house and family. How about gifting her a credit card this Women’s day? How about gifting her a Demat account so that she can start trading in the stock markets and make money based on her knowledge and intuition. If not a Demat account, how about investing in a systematic investment plan (SIP) based mutual fund for her, beginning this women’s day? It would surely be one of the most cherished gifts.

A gift for the daughter


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If your daughter is less than ten years old, a great gift for her could be the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme. It’s a scheme by the government of India for the benefit of the girl child only. You can invest up to 1.5 Lakh rupees in a year till the child turns 21. You can also withdraw it partly when she is 18 for her marriage or higher education. The scheme earns an interest rate of 9.1 % per annum.

You can also think of gifting your daughter a secure financial future with a child plan. Child plans are insurance covers that come to the child’s financial aid in case anything untoward happens to the parent. You may also start investing in mutual funds which offer schemes focused on children. These funds invest in equity and debt markets and will build a good corpus for your daughter’s future needs.

Let this Women’s day be not just about a greeting card or a teddy bear. This is your chance to start securing the financial future of your favourite women. It is important because, without them, your life wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is today.