Get your Google Cardboard and soak into the virtual reality experience

Get your Google Cardboard and soak into the virtual reality experience

Get your Google Cardboard and soak into the virtual reality experience

by January 6, 2015

google-cardboard-1Have you heard about the Google Cardboard? What exactly it is? It is DIY smart phone mount that has built-in lenses, a magnet and hook and loop fastener and a rubber band. The box is held against the face and it offers a virtual reality experience. The lenses fitted in the box gives the users a 3D vision of the normal images that you see on your normal display screen of the smart phone.

Google Cardboard is a smart device that has the ability to turn all the smart phonies into a virtual reality headset. You simply have to download the Google Cardboard app on your mobile and slip your phone inside the box and look at the screen by peering through the box and enjoy the virtual reality images.

The Google cardboard is the brainchild of two engineers, Damien Henry and David Coz. They created it while they were at the Google Cultural Institute in Pars. Although, the headset is designed by Google, the Google Cardboard device is not manufactured by any particular manufacturer or company. Instead, Google made all the parts required to build the headset available to all online and on their official website. Users can order the parts, from the Google Play store. The box comes with the schematics, essential parts as well as the instructions manual. When you order the do it yourself (DIY) box, you can read the manual carefully and assemble the parts easily without the help of any technical expert. The instructions are mentioned in a simple way so that even the novice users can make their own Google Cardboard even without have any technical knowledge.

cardboardThe official Google app displays stereoscopic images however to view these images you need to have a smart phone that has WebGL support. Also, phones that have WebGL and chrome can run Google’s web experiments. If you are an Apple phone user, don’t be disappointed, the newer version of the iOS 8 supports the Google Cardboard technology. Thus you can enjoy viewing all the official cardboard apps.

There are plenty of Google Cardboard apps that you can download on your mobile device and immerse yourself in the virtual reality experience. So no matter, if you are an ardent music lover or love to play games on the move or if you just want to sharpen your creative skills like painting you can find an app that is just suited to your needs. Some of the best apps that you can try using on your Google Cardboards are sisters, Go show, Lapso, Tuscany Dive, R5’s Heart Made Up On You, Paul McCartney, Tilt Brush Gallery, Zombie Shooter, Chair in a Room.

(Video Courtesy : TechCrunch / Youtube)