Get the Right Consensus With Google Plus Polls

Get the Right Consensus With Google Plus Polls

Get the Right Consensus With Google Plus Polls

by March 28, 2015

Before the beginning of any endeavour, or post it, it is essential to know the opinion of the target audience, understand what they want or need or whether they approve of what happened. Opinions are very important, be it in a PTA meeting, a corporate meeting, UN meetings, or simply a party for, which the menu needs to be decided. Point is opinions are important. So what can we do to become aware of these opinions? Knock on individual doors and ask for it, or maybe go to the nearest junction and shout out the issue in question? Well, even though these ideas sound like fun, they might not be the most convenient ones. Instead, polls are the way to go if you wish to know what the people think and not make the whole process tedious…and Google Plus will help you with that.


Thanks to Google’s acquisition and integration of the polling company Polar into Google+ last year, we can now conduct online polls without any hassles. How to go about it you ask? The first step is to simply log in to your Google account. Next, select the poll option in the text box and start tying your poll question. When it comes to options, you may have five choices, and unfortunately not more. Don’t go making stories out of your options as you’re allowed only a 40 character limit on every choice.

To make your poll look appealing, you may also add images by choosing the picture icon above the answer options. You may choose between having a background for the whole poll or put a different image for each option, depending on how many options do you provide. If you have a poll with only two options, the two images will merge to form a split-screen background, or if you have multiple options, each option will need to be accompanied by an image while the background remains white. The poll designing process will not go further unless you assign an image to all the options in case of more than two options.


Once the picture and options are set, you proceed to the dialog box where you may edit the question to be asked. Make sure the options and images are correct as you may not modify them at this point. Voila! Your poll is now all set to be polled.

Once your poll is live, you will receive a notification every time someone answers. In case you want to stop the notifications or mute them, you can choose the appropriate options from the ‘Notification’ panel under the ‘Settings’ option. To end the poll, you will need to delete the entire post, or you can simply edit the dialog box to notify the people that the poll is closed.

Now that you know how to run a poll on Google+, sign in to your account and start building polls to know what the world thinks about your question!