This HOLI along with SINS get rid of OLD GADGETS as well

This HOLI along with SINS get rid of OLD GADGETS as well

This HOLI along with SINS get rid of OLD GADGETS as well

by March 23, 2016

how to get rid of old gadgets

Well, well, well… Our favourite festival of the year is a couple of days away and we’re busy wondering what to do with our sins. Shall we go for a ganga snaan? Or will throwing in some wood into the Holika as a metaphor of our sins works? Even as we search for an answer to this, we are busy planning away our Holi weekend on our smartphones. The smartphone that we bought almost 2 years back… A smartphone that needs an upgrade… A smartphone that we need to put to another use, maybe? Hmm, if you’re also looking to buy a new gadget or device and thinking what to do with the old one, let us help you out with some tips.

1. Exchange it for good Karma

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Weren’t we just talking about sins? Not that we condone you building up your sins and then nullifying it with some good deeds, but maybe this Holi, you could donate your old computer, laptop, or any other gadgets to an NGO or other organisations that work to provide educative equipment to those who need it. Perhaps you could add a little bit of colour to the academic face of a village school this Holi? Think about it.

2. Refurbish & Reinvent

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Is the screen of your old tablet cracked from the corners? Or does the camera on your old phone is unable to capture the vibrant colours of Holi as it used to? If you were simply thinking of throwing these gadgets away, you may want to rethink your decision. Try googling refurbishing websites or local enterprises that will help you get rid of the old avatar and present you with a new one.

Add a new laptop skin to your refurbished portable computers and perhaps you could pass it on to your younger sibling (they wouldn’t mind, they are used to hand-me-downs!) as a token of your love!

3. Trade it in for a better model

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Just saw news of the latest Apple iPhone 5SE? Think your iPhone 5 is now obsolete and you could exchange the old Apple for a fresher fruit? Well, some popular brands have buyback programs wherein they let you trade your old device for the latest model for an additional amount.

If only we could do this with other things too (hint: people)!

4. Resell it

You’ve made the most out of your old laptop, but now it’s time for the latest Intel i7 laptop to grace your work space. What do you do then? For one, you could put up your old laptop up for sale on websites like eBay where you could get a decent price that will fund your ‘New Laptop’. Hold on to the happy ‘memories’ of playing games on your old laptop, but let go of the ‘device’.

5. Recycle

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Take on the baton of saving the environment, one old gadget at a time! Instead of simply throwing away your obsolete device, contact electronics recycling stores or organizations and they will arrange for the safe recycling of your rugged old computer. If they can’t save it, they will safely recycle it. Nokia (now Microsoft) and Lenovo are a couple of the popular brands that offer such service for their products.

So folks, burn away your sins this in the “holi” fire, keep your conscience clean, and rid yourself of your old electronic demons too!