Google’s new Android iteration will be called Nutella

Google’s new Android iteration will be called Nutella

Google’s new Android iteration will be called Nutella

by March 11, 2016

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If you’re a messy, chocolate loving Android user, then you may have at some point in your life, most probably said, “Whoops, I’ve got Nutella on my phone!”

Now thanks to Google, you may very soon be able to replace that “whoops” with a “whoopie” as the tech giant has announced the next version of its ultra popular OS, Android. Keeping in line with the tradition of naming its OS versions after desserts, the next delicacy we have in line may very well be named after the chocolaty, nutty delight- Nutella!

As per an announcement by Hiroshi Lockeimer, Google’s Senior Vice President for Android, Chromecast, and Chrome OS, on the social media platform Medium, Google is releasing the preview this early in order to get more feedback and input from developers for a great final product. After all, someone needs to sort through the bad nuts to make our final Nutella good enough, right?!

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The early announcement about the Developer Preview left many surprised as Google usually waits until its annual I/O developer conference to talk about such important stuff. However, we’re not complaining! It’s always fun to have a little extra time on our hands (in this case, IN our hands) and get to know the system inside out before we receive the final Google service.

If you wish to be one of the many unsung heroes who gets to tell Google what’s right and what needs improvement in their Android 7.0, you could get the Android N Preview as a simple over the air (OTA) update. All you need to do is head to the Android Beta Program website and register your device. You can know if your device is eligible by checking out the list displayed on the website.

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Google has a little word of advice here: you should install it on your secondary devices as it is not really meant for everyone.

So, what exactly can we expect from the nutty goodness of Nutella? For one, Google N promises a Multi Window Support which will enable the user to launch apps and run them simultaneously on main screen. This seems like a good feature, especially for those who need to multitask and use phablets or tabs.

With Data Saver, the user will be able to save internet data with the phone automatically reducing the data usage for background apps, reducing the quality of images or videos being viewed.

Building on its Android 6.0’s Doze, Nutella will further help the user to save battery when their device is sitting idle, on the desk or their pocket which is a step further than simply saving power on Battery Saving Mode as offers by other operating systems.

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The next significant enhancement is the notifications panel which will allow the user to reply to texts from within the notification panel without having to redirect to the app. Additionally, the bundled notification feature will display all the system notices together for better access.

Finally, all those who crib about the lack of customizability of the Quick Settings panel, Android N will bring with it the option for additional space for more shortcuts and also allow the user to place their most used and preferred shortcuts to the place they want in the panel.

Apart from these updates and additional features, the new iteration will provide some additional security features, some more support for new languages, allow call screening, number blocking, etc.

For now, you may continue to hog on Android’s Marshmallows, and savour its own unique taste before our beloved Nutella walks in as the next step of Android evolution.