Save your eyes. Enable ‘blue light filter’ on your phone and computer today

Save your eyes. Enable ‘blue light filter’ on your phone and computer today

Save your eyes. Enable ‘blue light filter’ on your phone and computer today

by June 14, 2017
Blue light filter on your phone

Save your eyes. Enable ‘blue light filter’ on your phone and computer today.

We spend more than 7 hours of our day using either the computer or mobile phone on an average. That is nearly 50% of the time we spend being awake, hence it is critical to take care of our eyes and reduce strain.

One might wonder how to do this? If you have a computer that has Windows 10 installed on it (which is most often the case), then you could do the following:

  1. You can enable or disable Blue Light reduction setting via the Action Center. The “Action Center” can be accessed by clicking the “upward arrow” on the bottom right of the computer screen. Once you do that, you can press the Windows Key (the key in the bottom row, left hand side of the keyboard, which has the Windows logo on it) and the key “A”

  2. Once you do so, a set of icons will appear in the bottom right side of your screen. If you see “Expand” on top of the icons, please click on it.

  3. Find the icon called “Blue Light” and enable it.

  4. To configure the Blue Light Filter, you need to press the Windows key and the key “i” together. You will see a small window opening with “Display” icon on it. Click on the icon and slide the toggle that says, “Lower Blue Light Automatically” to “On”.

  5. You can also customize the “Blue Light” to adjust it as per time of the day, or keep it on only during the night, etc. You can also set a period during which you want the “Blue Light” filter to be on.

For Windows users, you can also install f.lux which can take care of the “Blue light” as per your location and time of the day. It also offers an expanded array of color temperature settings. It comes with “movie” mode too. What’s more, you can disable it any time you want to and restore it back as well. All you need to do to disable it is to press the keys “Alt” and “End”. The “Alt-Page Up” and “Alt-Page Down” combinations can be used to dim the screen or increase the “blue light” to your liking.

Mobile Phones:

While we have spoken about computers, the time spent by users is now skewed more towards mobile devices and tablets. Thus, it is vital to ensure that control of blue light on mobile devices as well.

The new “Night Shift” mode in the iOS powered devices adjusts the color temperature of your iPhone automatically. The good news is that f.lux works well on iPhones as well.

For Android users, apps such as Twilight, Dimly, Darker, and f.lux can come in handy.

Why is “Blue Light Filter” important?

Blue light” is short wavelength light. It is present in sunlight too and it is important for the eyes during the day as it helps us to remain awake, active and alert. However, during the night time, the blue light from the mobile (or tablet or computer) screens makes the brain believe that it is still day time and thus, hinders the secretion of melatonin. The lack of melatonin secretion affects the quantity, as well as quality, of sleep. In the long run, it might be very harmful to the eyes.

Enable the “Blue Light Filter” today on your mobile phones, tablets and computers. Let’s not overwork our eyes and learn to take better care of one of the most important sense organs we have.