by July 14, 2015
iOS 9

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Nothing in the world of technology is static as can be evidenced by the regular launches and development of new software. Apple Inc. is one such brand that constantly pushes itself to innovate and come up with something better. The WWDC 2015 saw Apple introduce the beta version of iOS 9 which is a 1.8 GB installation on your device, and last week saw it release a beta version of the same for the public. If you haven’t already installed the beta version, read on to find out what the new iOS has in store for the apple lover:-

1. New Font

ios9 new font

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Apple’s favorite Helvetica typeface makes way for ‘San Francisco font’ in the new iteration of the iOS. The font, which was originally designed for use on the Apple Watch to add to its readability, is not very different from its predecessor with both being sans serif.

2. Extra Battery Power

ios9 battery power saver

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A power saving mode has long been wished for by iOS users. With the inclusion of a ‘low power mode’ in the beta version, users will now be able to get that extra bit of juice at the end of a long day or maybe a day when they simply forget to charge their phones before stepping out. How exactly does it help preserve battery? The mode handicaps the processor, making it slower to save power, disables background app refreshing, mail fetching and animated wallpapers. Also, the update promises an hour more of battery life even without the power saver mode on.

3. A lowercase keyboard, finally!

ios9 lowercase keyboard

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Ending the annoying need to constantly tap the shift key to know which case mode you’re in, the new iOS incorporates a small change which shows lowercase letters when in lowercase mode and capital letters when not.

4. Separate Selfies and Screenshots folder

ios9 selfies separate folder

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The previous versions of the iOS had one single camera roll that saved all your images. However, with iOS 9, now all the selfies and screenshots will be saved in a separate album for better and quicker access.

5. Changed App Switcher

ios9 app switcher

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Probably the only major visual change in the new iOS, the app switcher surprises you when you attempt to switch apps for the first time in the beta version. Now, double pressing the home button will lead to a 3D preview of your apps instead of the usual 2D format.

6. New Notes App

Ios9 notes app

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iOS 9 will allow you to insert images, make lists, format text, or simply doodle on the blank canvas of the Notes app. You can also recover notes that you accidently deleted.

  1. Return to app

The update gives the user a status bar reminder of how they arrived at the current link making it easier for them to go back. It is a minor but important enough change that was needed.

8. Increased Intelligence

ios 9 siri

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For every Smartphone, being at the top of the intelligence game is essential. The beta brings the phone just that- better intelligence. With a more proactive Siri, iOS can now compete better with Google Now.

If you haven’t registered for the beta version yet, sweat not. One may simply register for the public testing using their Apple ID. With the feedback Assistant app, the users will be able to give valuable feedback about the OS.