Get a Better Grip of your iPhone with this Smart Case

Get a Better Grip of your iPhone with this Smart Case

Get a Better Grip of your iPhone with this Smart Case

by March 25, 2015

Like every coin, the big bad touch screen phone has a flipside too; it may be a visual treat to watch videos or play games on a huge 5.5” phone but when it comes to holding and operating it using one hand? Well, that is another story. The users of the new swanky iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will vouch for the fact that it is extremely difficult to maneuver your thumb to reach all corners of the phone’s screen while holding the phone in one hand. Unless you are someone blessed with long thumbs, you may want to look into what Kyle Staebell and Cameron Naramore have designed to make your mobile use easier.

The two young men are seeking funding on Kickstarter, a global crowd funding initiative where project backers get rewards in return for their pledges. The project is funnily enough, called ‘The Greatest Case’ and is already garnering numerous pledges for its potential utility. Staebell states that with the grip the case will provide it will be easier for the thumb to stretch itself over the screen. This happens as the case is designed in such a way that the phone can be held so as to maximize the reach of the thumb over the screen.

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How does the case look you ask? If you look at the accompanying picture, you will notice that it is a simple enough frame that surrounds the phone and has bars that run vertical along the phone’s back. These bars serve as grips for the user’s fingers, thus giving them a good grip on the phone whilst ensuring that the thumb can comfortably over around the large screen. The materials that make up the case seem to have been chosen with care. They are offered in two types, one in black and the other in copper. They are 3D printed, making them look appealing. The cases use plastic and copper for added durability.

The case not only provides a firm grip but also acts as a shield in case you drop it. It covers the back of the phone as well as its corners, so in case you happen to drop it and it lands on one of its corners, you may rest assured that there will be no damage. No dents, no broken screens.

One may receive the black cover for a pledge of $29 or the copper one which requires a pledge of $39. Go ahead, take a pledge and encourage these designers to come up with such inventive products in the future too.

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